Giving out Vedic birth chart analysis

Hello I am giving out 10 Vedic birth chart reading, but read first the instructions:

I am only going to give you the atmakarka, the planet with the highest degree in your chart, representing the true essence of your soul, the divine guiding. This planet teaches you the ultimate true purpose of your life and it’s spiritually. I will also tell you through a metaphorical legend ( story) how the atmakarka is doing that.

I will also tell you the Darakarka, the planet with the lowest degree, think of it as the qualities of the soul mate and I will also tell you through a mythological story how to notice it.

PS: for the Atmakarka as he holds the keys to your destiny, his interpretation won’t be all fun, there could some details you may find a bit difficult to swallow.

I will also add a bonus (:wink:) to your reading

For the reading I will need your birth details ( date, time of birth- hour and minutes and place of birth, and if you are male or female)


I’ll take you up on your offer. Never had a Vedic chart reading before. I’ll PM my details.

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Hum where can I start. I think for you I should add some more details to your reading.

Whenever you find yourself owning a big house, you should always remain humble and not showing your pride. Sun is 12th house lord showing loss of prestige or success and he’s sitting in your 4th house of home life, peace of mind. He can make you lose your house if you are showing ego or listened to an unverified advise of a colleague from work or a family member but it’s main planetary period is long passed, so he isn’t gonna trouble you anymore unless you activate him through egotistical behaviors regarding that area of life.

Jupiter too probably made you travelled far from either your birth country or your home during its planetary period of 16 years from 2002-2018. Whenever it happens you travel far from where you live or change homes or something that makes you feel exiled. It’s Jupiter preparing some blessing for you and it happens suddenly. He’s the root of your magickal power, he’s the master of the right hand path hence you don’t mind involving angels in your working. He’s in your 8th house of magick, occult practices conjunct Ketu, the most mystical planet in a chart. No doubt you will experience freedom through occult practice. This can make this current reincarnation your last one. Jupiter could also show that you met your partner in a magick or occult events.

You are currently in your Saturn main period started from 2018 ending in 2035. This is your period to finally witness the wealth that is promised in your chart. This is your time man, make it fruitful.

Especially from August 2025, something big is coming, really, regarding your wealth.

You have 2nd house lord Venus conjunct 11th house lord moon, this conjunction only is the main combination for big wealth, big big. Moon-Venus in Capricorn are in your 5 house showing that after the birth of your 1st child your wealth improves or improved dramatically or from your education or stock market and it will continue to grow

It took time because the combination happened in a sign of Saturn. Saturn results always takes time. And Saturn itself is sitting in the 11th house of gains, cash :dollar:

So there’s no doubt you will gain during the Saturn period.

Next year you may find yourself a bit of an up and down situation, some sudden event may happen. You could feel some isolation, it will last for a year. From July 2024-August 2025. You should avoid situations that could harm you during that 1 year period

Your Darakarka is Mars, this shows that your soul mate has a fiery nature, some problems with anger but very dynamic and independent.

Mars is in Moola nakshatra. The very short story about this nakshatra is the fight between good and evil. This is where the goddess Kali fought fiercely the demons. In fact any Hindu story that show the fight against the evil to restore the good is seen from this nakshatras.

Your life partner could have some negative deep rooted self inflicted behavior related to anger issues or stress and she could be battling against that with courage.
but this one is just the universe wanting you to finish with what may have happened to your mother and had affected your mind and it’s deep rooted in the seat of your soul. There’s anger, too much fire in your heart.

Your soul significator is Mercury and mercury is in uttara ashadha, a nakshatra ruled by Sun.

Uttara Ashadha: This is story where Goddess Parvati had a mind born son Ganesh and instructed him to stand-guard as she takes bath. As Lord Shiva happened to arrive and Lord Shiva & Lord Ganesh were unknown to each other, Lord Ganesh stopped Lord Shiva from entering the place. This started a battle between them and with the help of Vishnu & other Gods, Lord Shiva finally removed the head of Lord Ganesh. Parvati was furious to know about it and as Shiv-Shakti represents the balance of masculine-feminine energy, this balance was disturbed. In the end, Vishnu promised Parvati to bring Ganesh back to life and by attaching an Elephant’s head to Ganesh’s body, Vishnu fulfilled his promise.

In summary this nakshatras shows that a person has to face in difficult situations where he’s gonna feel being defeated life by his enemies but still will not be defeated, in the second part of life the person start to witness victories over his ennemies. And mercury being your destiny God and at the same time the ruler of your life path shows early on you were defeated emotionally, anything related to your home life, house, shelter, food and even mother were kinda lost but now in the second part of your life you are going to be rewarded exponentially.

Remember from August 2025. Satan/Lucifer (Saturn-Venus) are preparing something huge for you

Mars also shows manipulation of mother by your younger sibling, he could have taken advantage of that to get something out of that


I’ll take one. Feb. 28, 1982, 6:30 pm, Upland California.

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@Angelb1083 if you are facing difficulties in your relationship or a delay in having a life partner, please find out what happened in your mothers side family. They probably did something related to a husband. Maybe have an habit of disrespecting their men/husband or even their father because this is a karmic issue..

And there’s a contract from past life, I still can’t find how exactly it works but it probably delays or delayed the marriage.

You are a Taurus ascendant in Vedic astrology, this is a fixed sign. Generally in life you know what you want, what you love etc… your intentions are fixed, you don’t like surprises but still faces some “surprises” in your relationship. I think sometimes you wondering who the hell is this guy. I will elaborate later.

The placement of the king Sun shows me how the other planet will behave when he gives the order. He’s in your 5 house of education and kids. So this is the area from which is going to give the orders. But sun is a burning planet, he may reduce the number of your progeny. You are very attached to your children and family.

Your atmakarka, the essence of your soul is moon and sitting in the 4th house. So whatever you do in life, moon will always ensure you take care of your family, nurture them, providing them the emotional support. This is kind of your destiny. You are very much attached to your family and your home :house:. You probably are the mother kid would want to have.

Moon is in Uttara phalguni constellation ruled by sun again. It’s fortunate star to have cause it shows stability in your home life, you may have a very beautiful house giving you pride. You also instilled self confidence to your kids. But all of these results came in the second part of your life cause the foundation had to be layered to get that stability later in life.

The planet with the lowest degree Darakarka is Mercury and here it tells me you also let or will let your partner taking care of the education of your kids. You kinda let him do all the education, perhaps you wanted your kids to get the self confidence of him or his intelligence/wisdom.

your husband looks very wise and mystical if not you are the one dealing with other people in a more mystical or strange way. But I will go for your husband who is more hippish than you.

Rahu is in your 1st house and ketu in 7th house conjunct Jupiter.

Rahu in 1st house Taurus tells me in past life you didn’t pay attention to yourself, you didn’t enjoy the sweet side of life and you lacked stability.
You spent most of your time then in trying to resolve the sudden problems arising in your relationship. You forgot your own pleasure.

In this current life you are given the opportunity to enjoy life and the stability of life. I am sure you like eating a lot right ? Or have something particular to your mouth like having a wide mouth. You probably take care of your outlook.

But generally people don’t follow their Rahu, they go to their ketu because they are used to that and it’s more comfortable then rahu. If you did so you are still managing the ups and downs events in your relationship and still be stressed by that. You could forget again to enjoy your life.

Usually Rahu and ketu in the 1-7 axis of self and marriage gives some troubles. You faced some deception in your relationship maybe got cheated several times before you had to “woman up” and stop that. You could be in a relationship then suddenly it ends.

All of those events is the universe wanted you to master the art of relationship. You are far far more wiser now in terms of relationship. Jupiter conjunction ketu will give you illumination, you will be able to see without illusion what marriage really means. No one could ever deceive you again.

But Jupiter tends to give breathing problems when sitting in the 7th house, they are time when you felt suffocating

The key is to work on yourself, be independent.

If you are married then the guy is very very intuned to himself. This is a mystical dude. your kids will have hard time understanding his principles. Their could be what the fuck is that.

Let add this: I focused my reading on what I saw could be helpful for you to know. Don’t think your chart is all about relationship and family. There are plenty very good stuff. This is not even 10% percent of the overall reading. So don’t feel like why I focused only on not so positive they are plenty good stuff, I didn’t say cause it wasn’t part of the reading


Cool you are the last one :point_up:

Please @DarkestKnight can you close it

I’ll take you up on your offer if there’s any room left for giving out readings like this. If that’s the case let me know and I will send you my details.

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