Girls, Women, whatever


yep…this seems to be the reality…but my question is what now? what do we do as a response? Some would say go full on mgtow, but i dont know about that


I can give you a dozen more studies to solidify this fact.

What now? Good question. Going mgtow is one option, and wait for cloning and artificial wombs if you want to become a father.

Second option: Moving to a poorer country which doesn’t have anti-male court system is another. In such a country, you’ll be a higher status male compared to the rest, and thus “superior” in the female lizard brain.

There’s the third option: use magick to get a mate that isn’t like the vast majority of females. That won’t stab in you the back, legally or otherwise.

The fourth option: use magick on a grand scale to make society more spiritual, to banish the influence of materialism and hedonism that’s been perpetuated by various ideologies.

In the end, though, follow your True Will. You won’t make a mistake, I trust.


Ya know, you could always just be yourself and go for a woman you’re attracted to. Then once you’ve won her over, start gradually teaching her truth. That’s what I’ve done. I also feel that two arrogant intellectuals such as you and I would almost certainly clash with a woman who was just like us. It’s called balance my friend. Some women are open-minded but they just haven’t been shown the path. They are programmed, just like men are, from birth. Use your magick to find an open-minded, attractive woman. Show her the occult slowly, starting with The Kybalion. It will be your greatest work, sharing the journey with her. Unless you’re too lazy, too weak, or incapable? Life doesn’t always hand you super-Barbie without work. JS said jokingly in Anthology 3 that the deification rite was part of his “build your own Barbie” project. Funny but for me I vibe with that idea.


yeah i do have some plans where magick is concerned. no matter what route i take, magick will be used, guaranteed. I’m thinking over multiple options…and creating my own barbie is one of them :slight_smile:

@J.A.Ragnarson do you own the anthology of sorcery 2 by any chance? if so, i may need to message you about something


My comment was directed at the OP, but yea go ahead.


There are real life androids, first built in Japan of course, there are sex dolls available anywhere for much less capital.

I am left wondering if a spirit can inhabit a doll, why not confer with Naamah with the idea? Or Lilith. Or female goetic spirits.
Perhaps have four dolls … Er … Bitches, with one elemental spirit possessing the doll for each element?


That’s what I did. My girlfriend went from being a complete (nominally Christian) normie to performing rituals with me and talking enthusiastically about demons, and I couldn’t be happier. :+1:


These are not mutually exclusive, either.

If you find a candidate who can operate her brain, you can actually discuss this with a clear head (and not meltdowns), grow together.


Jordan Peterson is my new intellectual daddy! His videos on YouTube make so much sense.

Would love to just sit down and have a cup of coffee with this guy…


@Izanagi12 Men i do not read all replies but i say from my perspective go with flow you do not need to have girl
and if you want then search talk etc but when girl dont want you or you her then do not stop do not cry for the old search for new always if you want anything get it
do not wait because you will wait forever if you will have bad perspective


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