Gifts to my succubus!

I was wondering how I could gift things to my succubus? Do I write a letter to Lilith with the things listed on it? I know that there are copys of physical item in their world. I gave my watch to my succubus and I kept it in one place for a while and poof it was gone one day and haven’t found it since.


I’d say the best gift is some alone time between you and her if you don’t spend too much time with her already. They don’t ask for much but I’m sure she’d back me up on this.


I spend time with her every night. If there is a little extra energy left over from her feeding she will manifest and cuddle me.


Could that be why i don’t feel my succibis that often becouse they is some where feeding? :thinking:

Could be I have asked her to feed on other people around me if she needs to but it seems she can feed of me alone.

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I belive you could do many things. Try to ask what she likes as gifts if you could her her thrue your thoughts.

I bought a plant to my first lady.

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Ok i see. I am in an open relationship with my ladies so i belive they do there thing when not with me.

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Manifestations will get easier as you go along. It’ll happen naturally overtime.

Sweet! I plan for the future when we get a little excited.:smirk:

Depending on your Succubus, there will be no shortage of that.

Yea that might be it. I’m in a close relationship with her. But I have the thought of summoning another one but I’m not going to because I love the one I have so much!


From experience I can tell you that have more than one spirit lover can be a handful if you’re not prepared. If I where you i’d make getting my senses open a bigger priority instead of bringing another Succubus into the party. If communication is an issue for you, there could be a mix up on which one of them you’re talking to but hey don’t let me stop you from getting another Succubus if that’s what’s on your mind.


Yea it was just a thought the one I have is a hand full.

Visualize a chocolate, do it strongly enough and it will appear in the astral. The same works for any kind of object, that way you can give them stuff that they actually can use. However, I don’t know if yours like chocolate, one of mines likes cigarettes, the other one likes guns, so ask yours what does she like


Alright. I’ve bought chocolate before for her but didn’t know how to give it to her.:crazy_face:

I keep those affection gestures inmaterial, as inmaterial gifts don’t cost money and don’t use physical space. They like what I cook for them using the technique I mentioned

That’s a better way of doing it.

This is what i need work on my senses. I have not find any good way to develop the sens of feeling.

I have feelt spirit many times but its not in a way i feel humans at all. Its mor like energy.

Do you know her name? If so tell her that you want to give her what ever gifts and prepare some nice spot to put in on. :slight_smile:

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I do know her name and I have made her a temporary alter. I tend to burn incense that we both like next to it and for her birthday I bought her a crystal that I carry around where ever I go then I set it next to the alter when I sleep.