Giants (Nephilim)

So as most know the giants where here on this earth and some point. All across civilizations from Aztec-Egypt they have been depicted on the walls as 4 fingers and 6 toes. Now as a human I believe there are some good humans and some bad.

To the point: Some giants ate humans and were bad, and they were the sons of Fallen Angels and women. Where the giants all evil like that, or are those spirits just malice and here to hurt humanity. To be resurrected and be the Gods of this planet?

Thank you :pray: as always you ALL are the best!


The information regarding nephilim is scarce, so it’s hard to say whether they were really all bad. However, I think it’s easy to label anything as evil when you’re their food.


The giants you mention can be proven as hoaxes and for the most part are products of crazed Christian conspiracy theorists. Maybe a few are authentic but the whole idea reeks of tin foil hats and cheap crucifixes in sweaty overweight hands.


But do you believe the giants where here tho? Egyptians have giants but they are there to help not destroy

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No. I don’t believe in giants. At least in “Nephilim” giants born out of the union of humans and angels. I think the nephilim are probably a class of spirit or maybe even just another name for the djinn.

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You know, the main issue i see in that,
is how many giants are actually known in history?
I mean known by name, by literature.
And then count in, that only the annoying, loud people,
get written about, usually.
The trouble makers.

Maybe that helps you to understand what you’ve just asked, Kuruni.

Sorry, but the difference between Elohim and Nephilim really was that the Elohim resided in Aetheric (spirit) form while the Nephilim where Physical.
At least all i’ve ever asked about it, mainly greek people explained it that way. Some Muslims too.

Look at Nimrod for more details about it.




I just don’t see it as actually having occurred and in my experience at least, only Christian conspiracy theorists peddle this Nephilim Giants stuff.


The same people push racist propaganda that the original tribes of Israel were Africans and anyone with a light complexion are “nephilim”.
They always call you a “deceiver” and that “those are the lies of the devil”.


There were physical giants in the long past, and there are thousands of instances of records detailing discoveries of their tombs. They’re still alive, they just live subterranean. As to their origins being a mix of angel/human…well…who cares. They’re alive. And they’re going to return.


idk if they actually ate humans there isnt much real proof of that this isnt aot so i dont believe they did if i come across info ill let you know


There is archaeological evidence to suggest otherwise. If memory serves me correctly, the smithsonian institute
was accused of hiding evidence of these giant skeletons. What I don’t buy however is the process of how these giants were created.


There are many mythologys concerning the creation of man, from norse to Greek, about a race of giants that were the first beings, who had offspring, god’s, who had to overthrow their creator’s, in order for us to be created…

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Im not familiar with all of them.

Do they state how these giants got here?

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Look at norse and Greek mythologys…they all start with a void, and then creation was started by animals who gave birth to giants, who then created god’s, who created Man

Yes that is so true. I was just thinking about the Norse. But, still they seem fierce and not to be messed with.

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I’m Christianity they were made by the fallen angels and mortals children but can’t say about any other belief system

That is incredible. I never knew that, only thought of them as titans fighting humanity. Thank you !

They will return you can be assured of that. I have heard people who are high in be hierarchy of the “Illuminati” you could say know where they are. And that they are asleep for now

I wouldn’t say created by fallen angels, before Christianity was even created, there was mythologys of giants

Sure this dude ain’t got some in him?