Getting someone to pay back a loan

So a family member of mine loaned their friend $16,000. The person they loaned the money too is refusing to pay them back. Is there anything I can do magically to assist? Bune springs to mind, as does Mammon, Dantalion although known for love is useful in changing people’s minds so may also be helpful.

Try s as my demon or The Archangel Michael


That thing Dantalion delivers in those cases cannot be called love.

For your case Marchosias comes to my mind.

You could try Orobas. Some good information was just posted about him:

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King Paimon

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My master say King Paimon is good for this

I have do a few of them. I have send hecate hounds, just invoqe her amd tell her to send spirts to tat person. Or easily put her picture face down on a wall. Put a bowl of watwr whit calamus oil. Easy to find wait 3 weeks. If she not pay u. Or him tey will have a feeling of drowing. Like dizziness. I pm u a few if want. Ladt time a person own me $1000. I did a spell but whit tis either she pay or somebody die. Wrll her cousing die. 30 yesrs old bfre going to trip in 4 am. Supost to be in 6 am in airport. The thing is u get u money or tey get be hyrt or their family until tey pay. But i pm u a few if want.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I have to pop out but I’ll review them and revert shortly

Its a ebook call get you money back in amazon ebook. By raymundo rodriguez he has 1 were u use a knot in chair and conjure a devil to force topay u.

Maybe try Andromalius?

“Andromalius may reveal those who have stolen from you, and those who seek to be as a predator against you. This spirit may reveal trickery and those who are wicked against you. He is able to punish and harm those who have harmed you or seek to.”

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Hi Everyone

I’ve petitioned Orobas as I felt drawn to him.

I listened to his enn and chanted alongside it while gazing at his sigil. I could have sworn his sigil moved. Anyway I believe I was successful in summoning him. I’ll try to keep this thread updated.


I also think that Archangel Michael could be good choice in such case, but did someone here asked him for help in loans paid back ? I’m curious about the results.


Ahh, usually with these matters luckily I have debt collectors but that’s awful for your family member. Everyone here has included much of what you can do. Please keep us updated!

I know people who would do very horrible things to get 16k back…
If you’d like another suggestion I have a few. Take care

Thanks. I may ask Archangel Michael to assist Orobas as often angels and demons are complementary

Thought I’d post an update. Sadly not good news the individual in question has not paid back any money and instead asked for more. Luckily my family member has provided the individual with a hard no to giving them any more money and told them to pay back the money owed. No money has been forthcoming from this unscrupulous individual unfortunately

I’m so sorry to hear that. :sob: hopefully they’ll come through but alas money turns people into monsters.

Thanks. I prefer to think that money simply reveals the monsters that were already there.

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