Orobas (Observations)

A while ago, I was about to doze off in my bed until my vision opened up to my laptop screen in front of me. The screen began to wig out, erratically scrolling, glitching out, flipping pages, etc. Among these glitches, the sigil of Orobas, his picture, and name repeatedly popping up on screen. I then felt a cloud of static emerge behind me and emitted a vibratory “hello”. The presence quickly dissipated and left. This reminded me of the helpful spirit Orobas in past affairs. I decided to gift him with an entry for memory of his assistance.

He is skilled in shifting around attention to suit your reputation, good name, etc. This can also apply to business in bringing more attention to your product. He can also urge people to do things like pay off debts and become more agreeable to your demands. Authorities may also see you as a valuable employee or asset. He can also be helpful in assessing your energetic surroundings, as in what vibes and spirits are working around you. This can be protection from “astral parasites”, or guarding against baneful works of others.

A while ago I wanted to sell a laptop so I could trade it for another. I had a couple blue candles with cedar incense, aside a round black mirror which I still have. He appeared kind of transparent and “smudgy”. The shape was humanoid with a long head. I assumed this was a horse or donkey head. I asked him to help sell my laptop for a descend price which would earn offerings of fame and dedicated drinks with incense. A couple offers came up on the phone but exactly four hours later, (number of Jupiter) one called and offered a price. I declined but he replied again, slightly raising the price and added a complimentary horse ride at a local public ranch business. I took this as the sign and sold for a good price.

I did not take the horse ride but this spoke on the offerings he prefers. He prefers task-oriented offerings and favors of action. While altar offerings are noticed, actions to build a stronger relationship (alliance) are higher valued.

He works intensely with the spirit of courage. This is indicated by his Moon in Libra placing. It is the emotions of the mind, mixed with the scale bearing insight of Air Libra. This can appear confident to people – secure, able, forthright, and diplomatic – also concerns moral or courtly natures. He is a subtle but heavy presence; not aggressive but direct and kind of abrupt with answers. He seemed rather eager with discussion and action.

A worthy ally to have for the strong silent type and those of calculated mindsets – goals in business and climbing societal ladders as well.


I am enjoying these observations! I hope you will share more.

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This post is getting me more excited to evoke Orobas and I think he’ll be my first. I recently had a “Goetic Divination” done for me and Orobas was one of the entities that is supposedly willing to work with me. I have to admit I had overlooked Orobas the many times I’ve poured through the lists of Goetic Demon attributes. Definitely a mistake.


@Somniator There are many obscure spirits of the Goetia that go unnoticed. Many are powerful and have useful talents but are unacknowledged.

He was the very first spirit who ever appealed to me too, for his description of honesty and loyalty. back then I had the fallen angel oracle. After asking the same topic, I found his card had a ripped off corner, originally intact. He seems to be fond of newcomers.

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Agreed. Orobas is one of the best ones to have in your corner.

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This one does tend to give many signs of his appearing, have had similar occurrences with him.

I’ve heard that Seere is very helpful and friendly as well, probably another one who is overlooked for the more popular ones.

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It was the first spirit I worked with.

When evoking Orobas, I always had insomnia the following nights. To my surprise, many people who worked with him claimed to have insomnia in the same way.

An example can be read in this post: Orobas

Of course, not everyone will feel this and it is not an attack of the spirit or a negative effect of using magic (as some believed). I believe it is just an effect of his energy working on us and it is a good sign.

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Yeah that’s the nature of the vibe, perseverance. It’ll rub off on the magician as being restlessness or having sustained energy to do things, even when exhausted.