Getting rid of negative energy and heavy energy permanantly

I am constantly having to do energy block removals and cleansings which results on me having to redo my other rituals for example magnetism and glam spells on myself

I am depressed all the time and my vibrations are always low how can i get rid of this energy and keep it out for good

Grounding is what you should do in my opinion


Have you considered LBRP?


Keep the mundane in mind. If you live in the northern hemisphere, this time of year causes our circadian rhythms to change, and it can sometimes cause seasonal depression. Some parts of the US are getting cold snaps and snow, which can effect our mood. Get enough sunlight, get enough rest, eat well.

Otherwise, you could also try to LBRP as stated before, do some physical exercises like stretches or light jogging to gain energy flow, and don’t be afraid to rest to gain energy. Using energy all the time can make it worse.


This is a simple, fast, and effective technique that helps open and clear out the energy centers of the body:

On the surface it looks a bit like yoga, but the magic is in the first movement, which involves spinning in a clockwise direction like a whirling dervish. This movement opens up the energy centers, and the subsequent movements push stagnant energy out of the crown. I do the every day, and I feel so much better for it. Depending on how many sets I choose to do, this exercise takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes/day. I used to struggle with an extremely painful block in my throat, and these exercises lessened the tension significantly and helped me feel so much better. Hope this helps!


You may also find that this mantra helps raise your energy:

I’ve used it a lot, and find it really lifts my mood.


Just to check the obvious, have you seen a doctor and had your thyroid levels checked. What you describe is very typical of hormone issues, particularly low Thyroid activity, and it’s worth getting your bloodwork done to confirm it’s not that.


I actually got bloods done last month because of other issues but had the all clear.

Depression is really anger turned inward. What are you really angry about?

I’d say meditate at least 15-20 minutes a day. Meditation helps alter feelings of depression and stress by training your brain to focus on one thing, your breath. Alternatively, I have a friend who takes depression meds and they really help too. But talk to your doctor before doing the meds.

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You might not like my answer but it worked for me when I was in your shoes.

Ask & It Is Given. Practice the teachings diligently every day, as much as possible. Give it a year and you’ll be amazed at the difference. It was a real game changer for me over 5 years ago, and out of all the self help material out there, it’s the only thing I still swear by. Give it a go.

Heal your traumas, and learn to be less reactionary. Use logic to decide whether something or someone serves you or not. Be the essence of the Queen of Swords (in Tarot, this is the energy of perceptiveness, clear-mindedness, don’t take any crap, stand in your truth).

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Is there any Demonic Words of Power and Mantras for this, I am not comfortable with anything that corresponds to Angelic in any manner.

Thank You.

Infernal Blessings to All!


Sure, check out this thread. Nothing here corresponds exactly to what the OP was looking for, but you may find some of them helpful. This thread contains mantras channeled from and angel and a demon, so be sure to check which being is being channeled for a particular mantra.

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Thank you!

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