Getting rid of my lust

It’s cost me a friend. How do I get rid of the overbearing lust I feel

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It’s costed you a friend in what context?
Lust is a natural instinct — but when you’re sex-crazed and leaning towards some kind of sexual deviancy you’ll need sacral chakra cleansing. I’ve been through some sheer states of celibacy and lust. There needs balance.

Cannot name any deity or being that can reduce it but can name a sheet of those who could incite lust, how counterproductive lol. You can divert lust like any alchemical process into celibacy/semen retention. But this takes quite sometime and the to achieve this; go and bury unwanted ambitions and conceited desires in a pit,

You must tell yourself that you are burning the lust within. You are what the creator is. You create. Generation and regeneration.

Bliss of winds travel up ROMA and KYANGMA, the two channels that connect and enter the central channel in the spine. If you learn to cultivate your lust into semen retention, you’ll achieve bliss — with the sexual energy descending from above, as opposed to the translucent tingle you feel that pervades below.

It’ll be challenging to divert your lust and not act upon wilt as it goes against natural instinct. But I’m afraid that’s my only answer I can give, coming from experience.


Sublimate it into your creative output.


I’m sorry that happened, but it’s totally normal for your age, though like a lot of things some people have more, others less. But it kind of goes with the territory. :heart_decoration:


call Sitri to cut the lust



Not much to go on, so I take a guess that you fuck up a friendship not fucked a friend. In that case I am kinda feeling you have gain an understanding of the old proverb “A standing cock has no moral conscience”. Hey that is so cool everyday you learn something new is a good day and that one is great to get out the way, well done some never learn it. But back on topic turn your pain and self disgust you are feeling into a POWER self-discipline I would suggest Duke Dantalion, keep your lust just BECOME BETTER THAN IT! Go read this in full I think you will find this demon extremely helpful in get an iron clad self-discipline, understanding how you think so you can avoid shit so on…

I’m not suggesting that you are confused, but is it lust or astral energy? Because there is an angel from Damon Brands book Angels of Alchemy called Lahaviel.
He is titled “the angel of sublimation”.

He takes all of that excess astral energy and helps you transmute it, grounds it, is what it feels like to me. Sometimes that astral energy can feel very sexual, it’s a similar energy as experienced in orgasm. A lot of us magicians have access to that energy and it can linger. Lahaviel will take it.

I also personally use Lahaviel on “astral rapists”. Astral sex is fun but if I don’t want it from someone, then I have Lahaviel help me out

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