Getting rid of an Incubus

Hello, I saw a similar thread to this one before, but it didn’t fit my case well. So I am making this one.

The thing is I have got experiences with an incubus since I was like 14.
during this years I haven’t build up a relationship to this incubus, I did not call for him, at least consciously. He just came to me.
Now the thing is he comes and goes, as I am not often inclined to do anything with him, and most of the time we just don’t connect.

The thing is, lately he is visiting me quite often, and even if I enjoy somehow the experience, after it is all over I get some terrible dreams, quite nasty dreams.

I tend to think this is somehow connected, and that he might be taking some kind of revenge through the dreams. To be quite honest, I have to confess I like having sex with men mostly pretending they are women, my best sexual experiences have been with guys who likes to play a girl role (100% bottoms who don’t even use their penis and who pretend they have a vagina). the thing is when I like a guy and he is a bottom but he is masculine on bed, I tend to be a real bastard, in a way all the pleasure I cannot get from them, I get it by acting like a total bastard (using them, beating them, degrading them, humiliating them, etc in the worse ways) the strange thing is that every guy I have treated this way, seems to love it.
I am not like this when a guy acts like a girl, I am quite less hardcore to them, and I enjoy it more.

So the thing is, this incubus often appears to me like a butch guy, and during the experience I treat him quite nasty as I would do with any other masculine guy. So in a way I am suspecting he does not like how far I go with him and I tend to think he is somehow manipulating my dreams, to get revenge.
The other idea that crosses to my mind, is that he is trying to make me feel like I made him feel, but this is all wrong, cause maybe he does not enjoy it, but all the guys I have had sex with in this way, afterwards loves it, so if he does not enjoy it why is he staying and seducing me over and over?

I understand he might not like to appear to me like a feminine guy who acts like a girl. but then he could just go then. and he is the one who starts the seduction, I do not even call him.
So if he were to teach me al lesson, I think he is out of focus.

Also, I have decided to start fighting against his seductions. but really I would be more happy if I could just get rid of him. and after all I don’t need him. or want him, I can be more pleased with a girly guy rather than him.

so the question is: how can I get rid of him for good?

PD: sorry to be this honest but I think it was necessary.


I am not certain that is an incubus; it sounds to me like an impostor, especially with the lack of connection between you two, save for the seduction. It could be that your terrible dreams could be your subconscious telling you such. @succupedia could probably advise you better, and I could be wrong. Best of wishes, and if I am wrong, please understand that I was simply calling it like I see it.


Banishing would help and a purification if he is indeed an imposter other wise figure out who sends him and write a petition to have them take him back…


@bunny4cam has a point, I did not even think to advise such. Good form🧐, seńorita. LBRP would do it, and I am sure there are others.


The thing is, that I feel is the same entity, that has been coming and going trough the years, from when I was 14 years old, and now I am 38. and I don’t keep myself in touch, with anyone from that time, so it’s really hard, to start suspecting who could be so obsessed to keep sending this entity to me.

I think I lack the techniques to realize who can be doing this (if someone is sending this entity).

Mmm but I think that would be for another thread maybe.

I think we should call on our community expert on this topic @succupedia .

I am pretty sure they can get pretty nasty if you ouright banish them, I’d recommend though that you talk to the guy the next he shows up and explain how you feel. Spirits are according to me just as, or in some cases, even more reasonable than most human being as long as you speak your mind. Only time that is not an option is when you have pissed them off. I have done that myself once upon a time, although not an incubus, the summation of that is don’t piss them off. If you don’t like the feel when he’s there there are a few incences you can burn ocassionally, salvia or myrr, myrr are said to not be a nice smell to a host of spirits with a few exceotions, incubuses and succbuses are not very fond of that as far as I’ve been able to tell. It’s very different experience when burning copal resin or frank incense.


Let me see if I understand you correctly: for 14 years, this entity has been coming and seducing you, and beyond the seduction and the resulting activities, you have had no other contact. Correct?


Parasites, like scavengers in Nature, often return to locations where they have found food. The fact that it approached you when you were young and more vulnerable and has only been interested in seducing you screams imposter parasite to me. I haven’t any personal experience with incubus, which is why I tagged succupedia, but what I do know about succubus is almost in direct contradiction to this pattern. As such, I extrapolated that due to their similar natures, they Modus Operandi would be, likewise, similar; if I am incorrect in my deduction, succupedia will let us know.

A Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (you can find an excellent example on E.A.'a YouTube channel) should do it. That, I concede might be the nuclear approach, though; you might want to try talking to it. Does it ever come to you when you are awake/conscious?


It comes to me when I am falling sleep and very very tired.
I am councious thou to everything we do.
So I guess I can try talking to it first of all.

How are you spiritual/psychic senses? Can you hear this entity talk to you? If not, a basic method of divination (very basic, as it requires yes/no answers) would be to take a coin with clear heads/tails characteristics and explain which means yes and which no. Then ask your yes or no questions and toss the coin. You can then frame the discussion according to the answers you obtain.

As an aside, and I am uncertain if this is true with any but the Fae (and having never tested it with them, it may just be legend), you may need to ask the same question 3 times to be certain that the truth is being given in response(if anyone can confirm or deny this, I would be grateful).


I could use the pendulum
Also I am a tarot reader so I guess I have to ask for more info to the cards.

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See? You do have the skills🧐

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Yes. And to your other question the answer is yes
3 is the number of true manifestation

I have a zero tolerance policy for deception with any entities I have interacted with in my past. If my intuition sense deception, I end the conversation and clear the area. I have never had cause to test that method against more and common spirits, as I have very limited experience with evocation.

I will try the pendulum and the cards
Than you very much

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Also @Teodoro_Fortunato, this: a banishing not as extreme as the LBRP you charge water with astral light (you imagine light coming down into you from above), dip your fingers in a bowl of water, and once it’s charged you’ll likely feel you can’t channel anymore light in there, then pour in salt, sea salt is prefered, then you just stir and sprinkle it everywhere and ask the spirits to depart, works really well. - say thanks to E.A for this one. Hopefully this method will be of use to you, or go ahead and follow the suggestion of @Lockhart but await a reply from succupedia first.


Whether that spirit is an imposter or not, the way you treated him, sexually, seems like a bad idea. Some of them might like that kind of roles during sex, but for others it could come with repercussion.

Can you actively touch him, or are these events within a dream? I ask because it takes quite a lot of experience and an advanced Clairsentient ability to actively touch a spirit, and most of the time are the succubus and incubus the active one’s when it comes to physical touches and sex. If you did this in an awake state and feel him on a physical level, he would probably challenge your dominant behavior until you submit to him. Some of them can be very dominant, challenging and persistent. Sure some of them are extremely gentle and careful in their approach…until someone puts them in the corner, that is.

Like someone else mentioned earlier, a banishing ritual is recommended if you don’t want him around anymore.


this is always very vivid experience I can see him and touch him but I’m not moving, my physical body is lying in my bed eyes closed, but I I can feel him see him and interact with him, as if I were not.

Thank you for your answers I will do what you recommended