Getting rid of an archon parasite

Have you ever seen white spiders? They move alot like squids. I saw that a few years back and assumed it was some kind of parasite but I wasn’t sure.

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@lenafieryfox I’ve seen a very large black spider, or a crab if you want, that looked made of black dots and surrounded by black dots. Mechanical movement and swirling, yes. The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. No shadow people or demons (I’ve never worked with any demon) but I’ve noticed a connection with nightmares and headaches.


Haven’t seen those…yet.


I don’t have any misunderstanding of Yahweh. There is an archon called Yahweh who is the false god. I got this straight from Lucifer. His words to me were: “Yahweh isn’t a god. He’s a mere archon.” Add to that my personal experiences of this archon which I learned a lot from.

The real YHVH is a different story, however.

Just wanted to thank those of you who were helpful. The answer I discovered from Santa Muerte was to heal the sexual traumas, which I’m doing. This way, I stop being attractive to the archon and it will leave. Hopefully this will provide a clue to anyone else who has an archon parasite situation to deal with. Discover your traumas and heal them.

You might ask, well why not just remove the archon? Because then it will be replaced by others quite quickly. Read Psychic Self Defence by Robert Bruce who explains this type of thing very well.

I agree with you and Lucifer, add to the fact that Lucifer doesn’t get along with the real Yahweh