Getting rid of an archon parasite

From my observations of low vibrational archons, and their connection to Yahweh (the tyrant/false God), it’ll be to feed off the guilt and shame.

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Cause consuming porn is wasting one’s sexual energy and of course in such scenario it will attract leeches

not necessarily. Sexual energy is very versatile. One can do a lot with it.
You can have a servitor that collects and story the energy of the orgasm i just had every time i achieve an orgasm and stores it. You can literally direct it somewhere yourself to help with manifestation.
You could also for instance just shoot that energy upwards/inwards (you’ve energy storage centers in your body) instead of just release it into the ether. pointlessly. You can charge sigils, feed servitors, offer it to a particular spirit and so on.

The human body is constantly producing and releasing energy anyway… which is why most human beings are just astral food regardless if they watch porn or not lol. Which is understandable right? Humans feed on other creatures to survive (because we can, lol), it’s not odd that other creatures would feed on humans (if they can) as well.

I mean…
Not all “drugs” are drugs.
Porn is mostly fine if you’re conscient and aware about it and about who and what you’re.
Alcohol, same as “drugs” is not necessarily bad.

Now i can see addiction to all those things as being a problem for sure. But, moderation people…
I suppose im addicted to coffee… which as we all know, it’s a drug as well.

Also i don’t think there’s a single human being in the world that doesn’t have some form of trauma.

It only takes … toxic emotion like shame, guilt, and so on to attract one.

now that makes more sense to me actually. And it’s something i’ve struggled my whole life with.

That whole list sounds a bit too puritan for me. Dont drink, dont do drugs… don’t spank thy monkey. Is bad for ya. :point_up_2::point_right::point_up_2::point_right::point_up_2::point_right:


I don’t know they feed off it though , they live vicariously through the host and feed off the pleasure , they are very strange creatures


Well I replied assuming that consuming porn in that instance would be purely for hedonistic pleasures. To get that ‘‘adrenaline rush’’ just as any drug addict would do… Now among billions of porn consumers who occasionally orgasm on that stuff, how many of them would actually include this for any magick work ? 1% ? less than that ? Sure we do exchange energy, but semen contains the most refined form that one should spend accordingly.

Most of them would just waste this highly precious energy for nought…

Do whatever you want brotha , I’m just saying those Addictions weaken your defenses and drop you into those lower states parasites love to feed off of


I’m actually trying to figure out a way of feeding it to my servitors of lust and manipulation in a way that doesn’t cause me trouble. It makes the servitor progress and develop extremely fast but they get easily addicted to it. Some of the few last servitors i had to kill was exactly because of that. The started to become good at their job real quick but once i declined to masturbate and give them the energy of my orgasm and semen as a reward they literally started to resist me and to attack me. And straight just decided not to do their job anymore. I need to figure out some mechanism to avoid that.

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You shouldn’t spoil them with this, I’m not familiar with servitor creation, but I’ve been reading about sexual transmutation. According Daoism teachings and Indian Brahmacharya tradition, seminal fluid is the very essence of your spiritual power … maybe provide them with a less potent form of energy


That’s a very statement/concept I think. I recall reading something along those lines in robert Bruce’s psychic self defense.

I do know from experience that excessive alcohol and drug use will in fact weaken your auric shielding and make you more vulnerable to parasites.

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well those servitors are to do things that are quite exceptional, things that should by logic be outside my grasp, and needed to be done in a short period of time.

Thank you, I just bought it too, hope to find meaningful information there

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Spiders I’ve seen. They come from the corners in the ceilings. Almost sketchy and move robotically. Seen swirling like squids too. Shadow people that peek around doorways and corners accompany them. This happens before I see lower level Demons who usually are restrained and pretty chill. Do not see parasites/achrons once high ranking Angels/Demons communicate and are here and seen as clear as any corporal being. Just my experience.


I always feel safe and secure in the presence of demons, unlike parasites and all that bullshit.

I too always feel safe and secure around demons, unlike parasites and all that other annoying astral bullshit.


Have you ever seen white spiders? They move alot like squids. I saw that a few years back and assumed it was some kind of parasite but I wasn’t sure.

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@lenafieryfox I’ve seen a very large black spider, or a crab if you want, that looked made of black dots and surrounded by black dots. Mechanical movement and swirling, yes. The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. No shadow people or demons (I’ve never worked with any demon) but I’ve noticed a connection with nightmares and headaches.


Haven’t seen those…yet.


Just wanted to thank those of you who were helpful. The answer I discovered from Santa Muerte was to heal the sexual traumas, which I’m doing. This way, I stop being attractive to the archon and it will leave. Hopefully this will provide a clue to anyone else who has an archon parasite situation to deal with. Discover your traumas and heal them.

You might ask, well why not just remove the archon? Because then it will be replaced by others quite quickly. Read Psychic Self Defence by Robert Bruce who explains this type of thing very well.


I agree with you and Lucifer, add to the fact that Lucifer doesn’t get along with the real Yahweh

I’ve seen them mostly manifest as grey colored devilish looking spirits with small horns with an evil smile most of the time, Jehova appeared in the same form too so archons are most likely jehovian and Anunnaki in nature because they are patriarchal spirits that enslaved humanity just like the Anunnaki

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I have seen directly almost all you described. Inclusive other weird things like astral concentric triangles or rhombs with a big eye in the center… I aborre thar beings. They drain you. And no, the Book of Soul Retrieval, from Petrucelly, was not completely effective. If you have seen that beings, please draw it