Getting rid of an archon parasite

I’ve just discovered an archon parasite attached to some trauma, and it’s been sabotaging my attempts to heal the trauma.

I went through the group baptism reversal that JS and Black Magick Barbie performed in Feb of this year so it isn’t a Yahweh issue.

I also went through a damnation last Sept, and this particular archon was the one who shooed me away when I was still finding my feet as a slave that had been freed.

How do you get rid of archon parasites?

Should I command Yahweh to get it off me?


Ok, well obviously I’m talking about damnation as in the Gatekeeper ritual where one dies in the Lake of Fire. That’s real, for sure. :wink: The reason I mention it is because it frees you from the default dimension we’re all born into, aka prison planet (or the Dead World as all spirits I’ve spoken to called it). It shifts you into the next dimension up (aka the Land of the Living), where Yahweh (the tyrant slave god) doesn’t rule.

Archons may not be Xtian, but Yahweh sure made heavy use of them when he dragged me through hell for over 2 years.

Please note, I’m not referring to Yahweh the cosmic force. This is Yahweh the tyrant slave god I’m talking about, who I think is an archon himself. But I digress.

I thought about having them destroyed via the Spider Queen, but I’m wondering if there’s anything to watch out for.

Sometimes parasites can be persistent. Try battling it. Use your spirit weapons or maybe solar energy

I’ve been having a lot of success with the Greater Key of Solomon talismans for protection from evil spirits. Furfur also works diligently to protect me from parasites and guards my body when I astral/etheric project, but I’m not sure what his schedule is like or if that’s something he normally does for people.

I’d try the talismans for now. They should get the job done. I feel much more positive and energetic since I started using them.


What is an archon parasite?



Archons are black snakes , squids , leech like beings that have plagued lots of consciousnesses here and across cosmos they hook in through trauma and loop things and feed off the negative energy generated ,

Examples - feeling super motivated one minute then extremely drained the next - Random flood of negative thoughts when you go to do something beneficial to your reality


@John_Wick Can they look like black spiders?

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I believe so yes


But how do they differ, if at all, from “ordinary” astral parasites?

They are the most common parasite . So don’t know how answer that

They hook into your energy system and mind deep and are very hard to detect


I want to research this further. If anyone is interested, there’s a book on archons: Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy by John Kreiter. I don’t have it (yet) but I like the author, I have a couple of his books on servitors.


I don’t think I’ve ever had any real issues with parasites, maybe in the past during my depression, but since then nothing.
But how can some people attract more parasites than others ? I know I attract spirits overall, for some odd reason, so parasites aswell but they never did anything too serious, and I was able to make them go away really easily.

Drugs, trauma , addictions to porn ,alcohol , drugs , they inhabit people who harbor lots of negative energy


Try using Angelic magick for protection book by Ben Woodcroft or there’s also a book about protection from the GoM group.

If you do go with the one from Ben, I suggest doing those rituals constantly and daily, as your archon seems persistent just as was mine, I weakened him but he seems to still have some influence

Thank you, I’ve got the sample in my Kindle now for when I’m ready to get the book. I had a theory, from my personal experiences with Yahweh and the archons that they’re heavily linked to the false self and I was planning to research all of this later down the road when I had space for it. So thanks for the info about this book. :slight_smile:


I don’t think so, but I’ve only ever seen them appear like giant grey prawn-like creatures with bad energy. lol


This, but I’ve only ever seen them appear like grey prawn-like creatures with bad energy. But they shapeshift and are adept at fooling one into thinking you’re talking to someone you trust, etc. They’re also linked to Yahweh (for those who might be looking for this information).

This one has hooked into a sexual trauma, in my case.


I’d argue that they don’t necessarily bother people with lots of negative energy. It only takes one trauma that carries toxic emotion like shame, guilt, and so on to attract one.


can you tell me why does porn attract these things exactly?

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