Getting over fear of Entities, bits of my story

Hello, just wanted to share something that happened to me!
I was reading a post about Dra’talon, somebody say that he would harm even children, and some say that children are naturally protected by demons until their Qliphoth energy runs out.

Well, I’m just wanna share this story about me, dunno how or if is connected to all of this but still…

When I was a kid I was absolutely TERRIFIED of demons and spirits.
A part of me knew, just knew that they existed. I never experienced their physical presence or anything like that, but at times I could feel an incredibly strong dread when being in dark places.
Then I watched an horror movie, IT (the 1990 movie) and I was absolutely terrified of that clown. Clowns don’t generally scare me, and they didn’t back then, but that particular fictional entity made my skin crawl.
So, of course, I started fearing being in the dark/alone even more, to the point I couldn’t even get be alone in my house, and I would peeermanently be at my mother’s gown, even following her into the bathroom when she went to do her business. Luckily my mother was ok with it, tho she gently tried to help me get over these fears.

Then, one night, I had a dream, which, well, started as nightmare.
I was running away from IT, which was following me with bad intentions, and I was utterly terrified. Then, during my fleeing attempts, I saw another IT, but this one had a different energy with him.
I instinctively knew he was my friend. I think we talked, and he told me not to worry and that he would’ve protected me. Somehow he shooed off the bad IT, and he saved me. I don’t remember clearly how the dream ended or how he protected me, nor how I woke up. I just remember that since then, I wasn’t scared of IT anymore. I started thinking of spirits as, if not friends, at least not enemies. I still was scared shitless of demons, (probably watching The Exorcist movie as a 9 years old kid didn’t help lol) but I felt like I could have them as allies. I also watched the anime ‘‘Shaman King’’, which made be believe spirits could be allies.

Well, jumpforward to today if anyone wondered, I’m not scared neither of spirits or of demons anymore. I realized that this is probably due to the fact that I’ve experienced so much suffering in my life that, well, they’ll hardly give me any worse.

Of course being a Buddhist and counting on the protection of the Buddhas definitely was a major help in order to get over the fear of entities. Buddhas, looong story super short, are enlightened beings which are all loving, omnipotent and omniscent, having transcended any limit. Their only limit is the karma of beings, which they cannot change, meaning that if a person doesn’t have in their karma the causes for certain effects, the Buddhas cannot make these people experience these effects.
Talking to them, as much as prayer, offerings and so on make the ‘‘Karma wall’’ that separates us from them thinner, so by doing these activities we free the way for them to come and help. I won’t start telling in this post about the incredible ways Buddhas manifested to me (some of them so strong that I almost lost all hairs of my body from the chills, and I’m talking about dozens and dozens of times), but know that these beings helped get over fears by simply being evoked in certain situations.
I’ll make you a little example of their power.
Once a group of motherfuckers (now you know one of the reasons I was looking Dra’talon up) jumped on me and my friends. They were literally something between 20 and 30 people, and we were 6. Things got incredibly confusing, and since I couldn’t fight (I was a fighter in the past, practicing K1 and MMA, but got a HUGE accident with my shoulders and I basically can’t throw a punch without making them pop out of place) I started looking around me for my friends to protect them. I saw 8, 10, 12 people hitting 1 of my friends which was on the ground, these disgusting being all over him like voltures eating, and I jumped to him, spread my arms open over him to protect him, and visualized a bubble of golden energy surrounding me, calling out Avalokishvara in my mind. This happened in the fraction of a second, I didn’t have the time to think, it happened incredibly fast. I got a few hits on me, but I kept staying there and shouting to leave him alone, that they were 10 people hitting one. They stopped almost immediately, and they didn’t come on me, they just left the scene probably running because when I looked up from my friend they were all gone. (this is just one thing that happened during that brawl, a bunch of other things happened involving other groups of them hitting together my friends, but I won’t go into details here, just know that I was the main cause of the brawl because one of them insulted me and my friends got crazy mad, but I ended up without a scratch, can’t say the same of my friends… but nothing major major luckily).

In case you were wondering, I wasn’t born Buddhist but I got incredibly attracted to it by a simple psychology book that talked about the Buddhist perspective of the mind. So, alone, without any influence given by other humans around me, I started studying it until I knew that was my path.
I experienced the ‘‘magical’’ power of Buddhas over and over during the following years, so I know for sure that magick exists. The Tantra is, of course, (I’m talking about the Buddhist Tantra) the prime example of magick being practiced in the Buddhist context. Some of these rituals are literally magick rituals, with the same basic concepts of visualization, manifestation and so on of the western magick systems and practices.

So ok! Thank you for listening to my rant, I apologize if it took long, I hope you were entertained for these few minutes of reading my experiences and lemme know if you want to know more ahhahaa


Well done you! This is a great story and I’m glad it all worked out! :smiley:


Oh I hear you. I haven’t been able to do any fighting training in about 15 years due to an accumulation of injuries, including the tendency of my left shoulder to dislocate. Crikey I do miss it sooo much though.

Excellent effort! One of the big problems in the world, in my view, is that most people are not willing to put it on the line to step up and do the right thing. Good for you my friend.

This is fortunate, no matter how one interprets that piece of text :slight_smile:

I’ve never really looked into buddhist magick. I really must do so when I have more time.


I never looked up for buddhist magick myself to be honest, I just learned about it over the years (never heard it been called magic in buddhist contexts) and when eventually I started informing myself about magick I realized that what I always heard about over the years was, in fact, a form of magick.
You’ll most likely find little to no information for highly powerful practices, as the Tantra(short for Tantra-yana, which means vehicle, as in something that brings you somewhere) is also called the ‘‘Secret Vehicle’’. Most practices are taught through initiation, and one takes vows to keep them secret. Also don’t mistake it with the red tantra! These are mainly sexual-related practices and have nothing to do with Buddhism as taught by the Buddha. Nothing wrong with them, just something different.

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This was a cool story and I read all of the posts but I literally spat out my coffee with laughter upon reading the above response by Ragepanda to Tidus.


Ahahahaha I found it funny af aswell :rofl:


I’m so sorry this happened to you too. It’s just terrible. I often feel powerless, incapable of defending myself in physical situations, a problem that I never had because I fought all my life (and enjoyed the act of fighting SO MUCH, not real fights but as a sport).

In my country there’s a great shoulder operation in arthroscopy that I want to do (I’m in Europe, so it’s almost free aswell), but I’m going to Australia very soon to work so I won’t be able to do it for at least 3 years. And I don’t even know if I’ll ever have proper shoulders even after the operation. Supposedly this operation really stabilizes your shoulder inside the socket, but I don’t know if it would stop it from popping out under strong pressure … right now I can barely do a dumbbell front raise.
Try to check it out if you have the possiblity! I think the benefits incredibly outweight the risks, especially if you enjoy fighting sports

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from from entities comes from the fact that we can’t see them with our eyes. (most of people) and also, the fact that even we could ID them, or talk to them, friendship and trust only come with time. Therefore spirits involvement is tricky and caution is also a good thing.