Getting friends out of others lives?

Have anyone had success with removing a group of people out of someone’s lives? If so, do you have any recommendations? Thank you!

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I’ve seen a few people post things like that… While you’re waiting for people to get on and respond, if you try the search look up “sour jar” or “vinegar jar” and “relationship breakup”.

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Thank you. You are always very informative! I found an idea already.

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Hot foot works fine if you could get the spells into their living rooms, figuratively of course meaning to project a hot spell incense burning ritual or place a few drops of the oils somewhere that person would come into contact with it after programming the oils not to harm the person you’re touching with it but rather to affect the people you wanted to drive away from said person.

That’s how I’ve done my hot foot.

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And you could even white literally throw the hoot foot dust or the powdered sachet mixtures into their living room carpeting, the driveway at their homes or the places they’ve been working or theyve frequented, I’m telling you this hot foot shit works really good stuff brothers. I’ve also been known to use the uncrossing.

If you’ve got the time for it there’s an uncrossing ritual you could use that gets rid of bad influences with a Separation spell added to it.

I’ve used it to drive apart other people. I know hot foot makes more sense but trust me, if those people are crossing you or your targets are crossing someone you’ve cared for, then this works wonders. They’ll have to get away or they’ll be forced to become better people to be around your friends.

I second the hot foot dust, I once got rid of a bad roommate in days with that stuff.

I’m interested more into this if you don’t mind. It is an ex that I want to get back with but, I’m sick of the friends and families being a huge influence in him going back and forth with me. I don’t want a blockage I simply need them to go away for good. Would the hot foot backfire on me as well as I would be around it as well? I don’t want it to drive a deeper wedge between us. Thank you

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Also, I would love to know more about the uncrossing ritual. I have a lot of names and I do have the time again given that I live with the person whom I’m trying to get separated from his friends.

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Try using a poppet to uncross them. Pouring oils and perfumes on it like Florida waters.

I’ll get back on here later and explain what I meant but I’m just grabbing a quick read on my smoke breaks at work today. See you this evening bud