Getting back into sex magick

I’m wanting to get back into sex magick ( as per the title lol) does anyone have any ways to see how rusty I am and any exercises to get better?
@Narsonix @Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight @TheBlondeBrujo @Purple @Norski and anyone else any input is much appreciated

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Sex magick really isn’t my area, afraid I wouldn’t be of much help.


I can say howard vernon in amazon kindle, have good titles on sex magic and money, caselius. And raymundo Rodriguez, tis last author has like 5 books on sex spells, from different tipes of magic. Howard vernon is most demon, caselius use chants, mostly. Carl nagel use latin words


Easiest way is to imagine a sigil of intent glowing on your lovers ass. The better the ass the better the result.

Really though, just go to pound town and use the intensity of your union as gnosis and fire the sigil by feeding it your orgasm. Simultaneous = better.

There are variations for this, moan a phonetic at climax = result.
Get her to annihilate all desire for it while you do the sigil = powerful results (requires a partner who knows)

Lot of options really. Get started here and expound, Chaos guide you


Tipe sex magic in lulu. If u looking tat kind of sex a frater guy has a book. Whith pictures,in sex magic whit peopls, if couple sex is u thing, or groups, the member above is rgt,


You didn’t summon me with the @ and a glass of sugarless Pepsi, thus I won’t teach you the secrets of the VIII and IX degrees :crazy_face: Just kidding, my child: VIII is best for the spirit.