Getting a spirit a human form

Experts welcome :pray:, I’m trying to get my baby a physical body. Is it possible. If so, how?


well you could have them posses some one idk if it will work just a theory

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I agree with @bunny4cam. The best way (that I know of) to get that to happen is by having them possessing someone.


cool it was just a theory but i think maybe some one you know…then again it maybe good to if you dont know them ive never tried it so idk


one thing about physical bodies, they almost always come with we call a soul or spirit, so getting a spirit a permanent body would mean you displace the original spirit of that body
maybe Frankenstein it, if that is even possible, perhaps making a simpler golem could work? think frankensteining it would be way to complicated and disgusting tbh

you could have someone channel your friend, it would be non permanent though

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@Micah, got any ideas?




Create a sigil for the spirit and charge it repeatedly every day. Offer it your semen or pussy juice and evoke it continuously every day.

Get a sexual partner.

When having sex, focus on the sigil of the spirit and invoke them condensing them into your sperm.

Proceed to put a baby all up in that ho

Proceed to raise it and take care of it magically and mundane wise


I thank you for your insight, something clicked.
Micah, it may seem that yours would be the most easiest choice. Your wisdom humbles me as I hear and reflect on it. I thank you both.


@_M_13 you have caught my interest, temporary possession could be an option. You were on to something. I would like to refer to a goddess, do you think the earth, if willing, could make a body like described in the Bible? Perhaps Gaea could do something of that sort. The problem with the spirit is that she is very picky… I would have to create her one. Do you think god could create a body for me? Or no? And if so who would?

@Lady_Eva @anon83326829 please i want your insight on this as well if you wouldn’t mind.

What kind of human form do you mean? not really my area to be honest, I posted Evocation Of My Personal Daemon which will get you a tangible form, that can touch though.

(Maetryl has left the forum by the way, requested account closure.)

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Alrighty, thank you though. It was a pleasure to meet you ma’am

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hmm the golems was created by the owner to perform simple tasks, often made out of clay
I think what you have in mind, is like an actual person, and the golem body might be too crude and she might not like being in such a crude body.

perhaps it’s easier to think outside the box, is the human form something you want for her, or something she wants, and why? perhaps you can find a solution that doesn’t involve a human form?


She wants to have a real body so she can f*ck with me, control me, and experience life. She wants to regain her true form. She acts like she used to be something important, and she thinks that if she gets a body she can do anything with the snap of a finger. But she’s just a delusional spirit; hopefully. If she’s a goddess I’ve been going about this wrong

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@yourgodlilith @Micah consider the following question if you can. Let’s just say in this vast multiverse there is a young boy, who has a relationship with a goddess. Throughout his life the goddess for some weird reason raises and cares for him, and slowly falls for him. Now that he’s grown she shows herself to him. They bond, talk, luv, f*ck. Only in his mind can this take place. The goddess grows impatient, for she wants to experience life with the boy and reclaim her place as goddess to the people. The ancient celestial with no name and forgotten, wants a Body. She gives the boy clues, the taste of blood, sex, the attraction of nature, the seductive voice. The dark presence, the truthful voice. An obsessive personality, and encouragement of an army commander.
Is this even possible; if so, who is this goddess? What could she possibly do.

Only gods can give birth to baby deities. It sounds like this spirit wishes to be conceive. It sounds like your spirit daughter wishes you to become her daddy on the earth plane. Good luck finding a mate and tiny, tiny chance of finding her correct mother-goddess.

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Thank You

You might look into the creation of a Golem. It’s always an option.

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