Getting a goetic demon tattood on you , bad idea?

I’m actually gonna get a half sleeve done by a really awesome local artist who specializes in the type of tattoo I want done. It’s gonna be Lucifer holding light with third eye above home with a physic colored hue.

Anyway I can’t help but think about what I should get done for my lower half. I wanted to know if getting a tattoo of a few Goetics would be a bad idea as I’m only a year in if that. Much less my senses aren’t up to par due to not having a warm private space to meditate but it’s starting to warm up so I’ll be hitting that hard again.

I just don’t want to get a sick tattoo of a goetic and it turn out when I open my senses all the way that they don’t like me that much anyway lol. Maybe hold off on that ?

Tattoos just get addicting. King paimon has done a couple of great things for me and he’s the first demon that worked with me and I plan on doing more important work with him as well. Regaurdless of what he thinks of me I might just give him a spot either way.

Tattoos are permanent and I just want to make sure it’s a spirit I’m close with or doesn’t sneer at me or something I guess. Not that it matters if the spirit does like you , as long as they do what you ask but at the same time I wouldn’t get a coworkers name tattood on me , know what I mean ?

Anyway what are your thoughts ? Would you ever get a demon tattood on you ? Would if things go south with your relationship for whatever reason ?

I think that happens a lot less than people think because these spirits know your intentions and are pretty forgiving.

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Yes, you are giving them a permanent link to you. Only do this with spirits who have come through for you and saved your ass time and again, who you like on a fundamental level, and who are invested in your success, because it’s a pretty big deal.

Is my opinion, fwiw. :smiley:


@Lady_Eva do you think there’s much difference between getting a goetic description rather than a sigil ?

Like I said I’ll probably hold of for awhile as it is but I heard if you get a sigil its almost like a permanent current of their energy. I would never do the sigil.

I was gonna go for a the artwork because that’s more of an honoring thing than permanently invoking their energy lol.

Idols (likenesses) are a very strong link though, I think that was covered here:


I made a deal to get a goetic sigil tattooed on my forearm once they come through with what I asked for.

I think it’s a good idea, especially if you asked for something difficult to attain.

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I got Lucifer’s sigil tattooed my left arm about two months ago. It was a risky move but I discussed it with him first and he agreed.

Personally I don’t think you should do it without the demon’s permission, because you’re basically forcing a physical link with them for the rest of your life. So if your senses aren’t open and you can’t get an answer, then personally I wouldn’t do it But if you have a way of getting an answer from them, then if they agree then go right on ahead if that’s what you want to do.

I recognize I took a bit of a risk, but I’m glad I did it as well. It’s deepened my relationship with Lucifer. There’s one other spirit I’m thinking of doing this for (not a demon) but that’s yet to be determined.


I just did this tattoo of Oriax of the goetia a few weeks ago.


Welcome back @BikerVVitch Nice tattoo :slight_smile: However, please remove your Instagram address from your post. It is against forum rules.


Thanks for the welcome. Its been awhile. Happy to be back.

Not sure I understand why the rule but fine, I edited it.


Hey man glad to see you again :slight_smile:

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Thanks, man. The rule is mainly because of people trying to use the popularity of the forum to promote themselves on other platforms, as well as drama from other communities spilling over, so the Powers That Be have classified them on the same level as commercial endeavours. You can put your address in your profile though, just not the public forum.


You are aware that then it will be visible to other people, right? Other people you maybe don’t really want to know with which Jinn you are working. That would be my concern i.e. 4th power of the Sphinx :wink:

I agree partially with you, keeping silent is good but it does no harm if people know that you are doing magick or working with a particular spirit. What does harm though is if you tell them WHAT the operation is about.

Great to be back. Thanks for having me


Checked out your site. Looks nice!! Good job there!.

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Appreciate it. Instagram has been my main platform for several years now but with censorship getting so out of hand lately I’ve been experimenting with alt tech sites a good bit.


Are you referring to occult censorship?

Not particularly, just generally. I have gotten hate speech claims for being critical of religion. I’m using censored personally because of ‘nudity// sexual content’, because I post a photo of a sternum tattoo I did ect. Or the occasional ‘inciting violence’ for saying things like ‘you need to treat your own goals amd ascent like a holy war’


Oh I see. Thanks for clarifying that.

But everyone can see the drift by the office of the Goetia Jinn … And I don’t agree it can NEVER be harmful telling/showung other ppl your bend