Get a specific sum of money

What is the best spell/ritual to receive a specific sum of money all of a sudden (e.g. $10,000). Would Magickal Cashbook work for that?

Many thanks in advance!!!

Please use the search function in the upper the right. There is plenty of information available on money spells.

However, one thing to keep in mind is, do you have a pathway available that can bring you something like $10, 000? If not, then it will be difficult, no matter what magick you use.

And no, the Cashbook is not suited for a large sum of money. Brand says right in the book itself that it is best for only small amounts up to a few hundred dollars.

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Just paper and pen , write down I’m thankful for $10,000 33 times for 3 days and forget it

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I just used this rite a few months ago and the desire manifested in two weeks and will be performing it again tonight for another outcome. It works very well and is very easy to do.


Really? It works?

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Did anyone here had a positive experience with St. Expedite? I hear he is very magnanimous and fast in emergencies…

Yeah if when you’re done you feel good abo it it coming you should see results , if you feel bad or doubt it means you havr some blocks

Yes, of course. Do you manifest any emotions while stating the desire on the paper?

Yeah just feel grateful and after your done every day , you can visualize being grateful having the money in cash or 10k on a check or whatever you want until you feel you’ve kinda peaked feeling the emotions of having it ,

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Thanks! I’ll try :relaxed:

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Try petitioning Duchess Bime.
She has helped me out MASSIVELY with money.

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Thanks! She is a demon?

I set up and sell stores and simple sites, would it be effective for me?