A Rite for Wealth and Success

So here is a Quick Ritual you can do if you want some cash to flow in or if you feel that opportunities are around you but you are not getting them and making some cash out of it this ritual will help you and it works amazingly.

All you will need is

  • 1 Black Candle.
  • Sandalwood Incense.
    -A hexagram drawn on a paper. (normal A4)
  • Sigil Of Lucifuge Rofocale.

Meditate for few minutes what you want,Focus on your desires for few minutes and then start.

  • Take a black candle and Sandalwood incense light it up and start calling Lucifuge Rofocale gaze into his sigil activate/open it.

  • Once the sigil is activated take the paper on which you made the hexagram not necessary you have to make it on a paper you can use a marker to draw it down on the floor whatever you feel comfortable with but make sure you make a hexagram activate it too gaze into deeply once you feel its activated gaze into it and think of your desire the success and the wealth you need for now and then place the sigil of Lucifuge Rofocale in the middle of the Hexagram and say

" Lucifuge Rofocal Come
O Infernal Majesty Come
The Prime Minister Come

O Mighty Lucifuge Hear My Request
Bring me wealth
Bring me Fame and Success
Change My Luck From Bad to Good
Good Fortune Should Follow me all the time

I Wish For a Life Free Of Debts And Financial Limitations And To Live An Opulent Life.

O Infernal Majesty I Place this request
Hear me Lucifuge Rofocale .
This Is My Will So Mote It Be

Repeat this for 3 times.

  • Again Finally visualize the way you want the money and success to flow while looking at the Lucifuges sigil which you placed in the center of the hexagram and once you feel you have exhausted your desire totally into the ritual and then finally end the ritual.

Thank you for sharing this!
I will definitely try this one :grin:

definitely give it a try :grin::grin:

Can any other kind of incense be used as I don’t think I have any sandalwood right this minute but would love to give this ritual a try.

you can try it😁

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Thank you, I’ll probably try it with dragons blood if I don’t have sandalwood.

Thank you Divinelylost66, for the Ritual. But tell me the hexagram or sexagram is a six-pointed geometric star figure with the Schläfli symbol ?

Hey, I probably should have asked this before I did the rite, but when you did it. Did you burn the sigil and hexagram afterwards or just tuck the two of them away somewhere together afterwards?

@RyuDarkness you can burn it or keep until your desire starts to manifest

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@Darkhizer Hexagram