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Dear Friend,

Millions of occultists have transmitted precious magickal information from generation to generation in secrecy for thousands of years.

The problem was that very few ever actually SUCCEEDED at the powers they taught, and so much of the knowledge was filled with superstition, fear-mongering, and misinformation.

What makes me different from the average magician is that I never took anything at face value.

When local teachers tried to convince me that evocation was more “myth” than “reality” I refused to believe it.

When they scoffed that humans couldn’t “really” become Gods among mortals, and awaken their Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence, I rebelled against them in disgust of their pathetic doubts.

When friends, family, and colleagues warned me that founding Become A Living God would be too dangerous, because humanity wasn’t “ready” for the truth - I grew determined to prove them wrong.

Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence is a treasure chest of the purest gold I could mine in the 20 years of my impassioned study and performance of the most hardcore and darkest magick that exists on planet Earth. I inherited much of the priceless rituals and knowledge you’ll learn inside it from angels and demons in evocation directly.

I ASSURE YOU that it does not matter what skill level you are. I GUARANTEE that you are going to totally transform you’re ability to evoke spirits to physical appearance, and COMMAND Godlike Omnipotence.

Now remember, you get 20% off the tuition for the program by signing up before July 24th. So go get started right now to save money.

I’ll see you in the course!

Your friend,

As many of you know obviously, today is the release date for Mastering Evocation. You can all start watching ASAP.

I do want to point out the surprise we added in secretly - The Universal Circle.

E.A. received blueprints for the Circle from Fastos, Martal, and Azazel, and we decided to hire a master textile artisan to handcraft a batch of 30.

Will there ever be more? I honestly don’t know. We just wanted to make The Universal Circle available to our core magicians, and see how you like it.

Not very surprisingly, to be honest, they are almost totally sold out. I think there are 3 left.

If you’d like to grab yours, before they are gone, go right here:

Here’s a photoshop design version of it:

If we get enough positive feedback, then we’ll consider hiring the textile artist to make another batch, or even a permanent collection, for those of you who might’ve missed out.

But honestly, no promises.

And if you were lucky enough to score one during this Mastering Evocation release, then good for you - you’ll always have an original!!!

“5) You can train with me at my private forum. Ask me any questions you have, and I’m happy to answer them. No other authors do this. - See more at:

Will there be another forum than this then?

Damn it! They must be all out since it’s not showing up in my cart.

Hope you guys make some more soon.

The Universal Circle is totally sold out.

I thought it was a cool surprise when the add popped up for the Circle, so I did not think twice to add it as well, Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Thanks E.A. for that nice bonus to this package deal!!

Considering they’re sold out, is the information to make your own within the course? I feel that would be some valuable knowledge to have anyway

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that the first gateway of pacts from BOA?

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Page 77 of the Book of Azazel. It’s just made on very high quality fabric and will not break down quickly. It also seems like a psychological thing, the higher quality and more perfect the circle seems, the more professional and powerful you’ll feel during the evocation.

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Im not necessarily concerned with making it look right, Ive got that part down, Im more interested in the process behind actually making work.

TheLotusEater: I’m not sure if you’re referring to the Circle, but there’s no method of making it work right. Yes, you can bind a spirit to it, but that doesn’t make it “work”. It makes it work better. It will work without the spirit attached because of the incantation. The incantation is the gift from the spirits to Humankind.

Fair enough, Is there a translation of the Aramaic? I just like to know something inside and out, backwards and forwards before I use it. You dont need to know how a car works to drive one, but its very helpful when it comes time for repairs.

I don’t know, I’m watching the course right now and in the third section the translation wasn’t told, though I think it will be later. There’s no need to know something inside and out, just work with the spirits and talk to them about it. Call Azazel and ask him how this works exactly.

translation is in section 6 of the course

Timothy, i cant watch the course in my smartphone, it keeps loading or wont be able to play, i got the course yesterday. Any suggest bro?

There should be a download option. Download the video onto your computer. Find Handbrake on the Internet and install it (its a free program). Handbrake will convert it to any format, including smartphone formats. Plug your phone in to the computer and transfer the converted file to the video section of your phone. Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy.

No, it’s not. As I said in the video introducing the Universal Circle, “I’ve patented this, so the only way to get one is right here.”

We’re working on making more available.

so what you are saying E.A. is that we shouldn’t make our own since you have patented it? or do you mean that only you can activate it to its full potential?

i was thinking about creating my own, but i don’t want to disrespect you.

Jwplayer, alas, is awful. You have to live in a city, be on a PC, have a blazing-fast connection and cutting edge everything because it doesn’t buffer for shit. It seems to be the best cheap choice for streaming proprietary videos that you want to keep people from stealing, so we’re all just kind of stuck with it until informational service companies start teaming up with porn distributors so they can afford that fancy silverlight shit.

The service they’re using here is just about the best I’ve ever seen Jwplayer do. I can actually watch the videos on this site and there’s only like a microscopic pause every ten to thirty seconds. Usually Jwplayer is unusable for me.

just email zendesk and the will give you the dl links!

It’s MUCH better this afternoon than it was yesterday. Very fluid playback. Maybe there was some first-day stress?