Are Geniies demons ? Or normal spirits . And has anyone had success with Geniies like labezerin and all the others ?

Generally speaking the Djinn are like Fae, the are earthbound beings made of “smokeless fire”. The singular is Djinni, the plural is Djinn. One Djinni, many Djinn.

Demons is a generic tern JCI religions use for… pretty much everything, including Fae, the Djinn, ghosts and anything else that scares them or isn’t an angel, saint (aka a ghost that’s ok, because reasons) or the one El called yahwah… all the other Elohim (that’s the plural of El) are also demons now because yahweh said so, so there. Solomon captured 72 Djinn and made them build him a palace and that’s the story behind the Goetia.

In my personal practice I don’t use the term “demon” though I will use the Greek Daimon which means genius or spirit.

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What is a “normal” spirit? lol

And no, the Genius spirits are not generally considered to be demons.

However, Geoff Grey-Cobb, the writer of New Avatar Power (NAP) speculated that the spirits from the Nuctemeron, where Labezerin originated, are not spirits at all but actually “personified virtues” or “moral forces.”

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