So was working with the Grand Duke Sallos last night asking his aid in a ritual. Candle flame was going crazy. Walked outside to bury the remnants as always do and on the wall of my condo was a gecko, I don’t live in an area where you see these on a regular. I took this a symbol that he accepted my petition and of his presence what with his mighty crocodile and all. What is everyone else’s take?

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

You saw a sign, it’s your sign only meant for you.

To doubt it kills the magick and disconnects you from spirit, so don’t ask others to mess that up for you. Trust yourself, trust that you saw spirit acting through the gecko and so it is. :slight_smile:

Note: I’m not saying you shouldn’t post about your signs, I think it’s good to discuss how nature, which is in tune with spirit often works like this, and it should like this is something worth hearing: to trust yourself where signs nd omens re concerned… do not second guess yourself.

Your first thought was that it’s a sign, your conscious mind then started to churn and try to take control. Just let it wander as it will, but remind yourself what you felt when you saw the sign as that is what is important.

Eliphas Levi in “The Key of the Mysteries” says:

the mix of intelligence and courage is the mother to succeed in this world. To begin, one has to know, to accomplish one needs to want, to really want it is necessary to dare, and to harvest in peace the fruits of the own audacity it is required to keep silence .


Thank you for the response! Discussing signs and symbolism is just fascinating to me. No doubt in my mind that he was saying I got you. You’re absolutely right that doubt can kill the magic.

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