My name is Kate and I’m from Gold Coast. Any fellow Aussies here?

yeah from Sydney! G’day mate.
You’d need a more elaborate post than that though. What magick you practicing? What’s your backstory to why you came here?

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How to achieve my goal Everything’s here, mate! Cheers.

Welcome @CinnamonBitch. Please introduce yourself properly. Tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. This does not meet the requirement for a proper introduction.

How old are you?

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in?

Failure to properly introduce yourself may result in the removal of your posts until our rule is respected.

I’m in my early 20s. Tbf I don’t practice that often these days.

So what experience do you have?

Quite a lot. I’ve been doing this since I was ten.

See, if that is the case, then why are you avoiding the question? You were asked for your experience, twice, and have still not told us what, exactly, that is.


I’ve been experimenting with a few dieties. I even offered up my body to create a spirit child like LadyEva did in exchange for expanding my brain.

Again, you are not answering the question. That tells us nothing about the experience in magick you are claiming to have since 10 years old. You haven’t told us what magick you actually practice or what systems you are familiar with.

it’s not a difficult question to answer so I don’t understand why you are refusing it.

Flagged for the mods.

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I’m sorry. I didn’t understand the question. I mainly have been studying white magick.

Hi @CinnamonBitch. :smiley:

Do you mainly do spells, or evocations, things like that? It’s always helpful to know what methods you have experience with and what you’re looking to improve or learn, for all sorts of reasons.

Cheers! :+1:

Hey! I mainly do white magic as mentioned above. I mainly work with archangels. I’m looking to expand my mind to become a God or have Godlike powers. That’s my main goal and why I came here.

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Cool! :smiley:

What kind of methods give you the best results?

Angels are slightly under-represented on here so it’s always interesting to know what methods other people use. I was given this by Raphael to share, for example:

Raguel is my boy :wink:
He gives some pretty stellar results when it comes to money and health. I haven’t caught a cold in a year and my business is doing great! He isn’t that great when it comes to anti-aging/beauty and also Godlike powers. Becoming a God is the main reason I came here.

By the way I’ve been lurking for a while and I am a really big fan of yours (And Erik of course) and the fact that you say you aim to be a literal fucking God! That’s exactly my goal too and in a few years time I aim to have Godlike powers just like you. And I know it’ll take a lot of skill and dedication but I know it’ll be worth it.

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