How to achieve my goal

I didn’t really know where to post this so I put it in general discussion. This seems like the best website to go to for my goal; I want to expand my mind to achieve godlike powers. And I know that this is certainly not an overnight thing and can take months, if not years to perfect. I have somewhat of an idea for what I want to achieve/ create with my godlike powers, however when I think too much it’s too much for my weak primate brain to comprehend. Does anybody have any tips to help me with my long and gruelling journey?

Firstly, meditation is key. Always meditate even if it’s for five minutes a day. Meditation allows you to train your mind and allows you to induce trance a lot easier. A trance state makes magick easier to work with. Get in touch with your subconscious mind before anything else.

Also, try and get the energy in your body flowing. Different cultures have different ways of doing this. commonly across the occult and Non-traditional religion, people use the chakra system. I use a mixture of the Chakra system and the taoist system of Qi-Gong.

That’s all I can say really. I still need to focus on meditation myself more often. I stagnated for a while.

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