Gathering opinions about God

Good day to you all

I am today in a mood to collect and gather all opinions on god on this forum full of people in all fields of their beliefs etc.

What is your opinion on god? I am referring here on the administrator in-chief of the universe if you will, or if you think there are many bosses, please explain your view point. I am interested in all your unbias opinions, popular or not, anti-this or that, doesn’t matter to me, all opinions that are from the heart are welcome and I am interested to know.

Many gods, their days are numbered…oops! when I said that to myself, I watched 911 on my stove clock! Yep…the time of Ragnarok is coming again.! Sorry! :-))))

Now about my opinion on god - the supreme entity that is the owner and administrator of all galaxies in this black universe I call ‘‘Sofia’’ that exist to create Trauma, so the agenda of reincarnation continues without giving a chance to souls to grow or to elevate to other universes; here is what I think:

God is a A-Hole, and many just underneath this supreme entity, many many sucks. But that is my opinion based on what I know, not what I believe, I mean, look around you? are things better even after millions of years? no they are worst.

For those who would respond, ‘‘we shape our reality’’ etc, my reply would be simple; No, we do not create all our aspects of this reality because Sofia doesn’t want you to. Simple as that. Why all over the internet it is full of people complaining about manifesting? why is that? Because deep down they know something is wrong!

I also tend to lean more towards the gnostic view of God. However I dont think its the whole truth. Theres alot that we dont know.

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Wow! I am impressed. My first reply and about the Gnostics. I am based on that also (in part). Thanks for sharing!

I believe there’s Something/Someone which actually exists but also doesn’t, and the various gods are faces of that Divine (so basically the Brahman etc.), at the same time they became spiritual beings too.
An Italian author (Rendhell) believes in the existence of “the divine error”, indeed; there is all an explanation of him about the square symbolizing the form and having a negative value, because of the creation being destructive, in the same way that the destruction is creative.

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I don’t really use that word, because it’s definition is too varied.

I think the entity yhwh gives the concept a bad name, because he’s a psychopathic rogue El, one of the many Elohim but the only one that narcissistically demanded we just ignore all the rest for no reason other than “or else”.

Except the Elohim are not gods, they’re just beings. They may have taught humans toolmaking and may or may not have been aliens.

God as used by many is not a being at all, it’s basically the primordial soup of unlimited potential, or Tao that everything is crated from. It doesn’t really get a say, it doesn’t think at all and it doesn’t judge. These things (thinking etc) are aspects of manifestation aka creation, and the god is not manifest by definition.

Then you have the pagan gods and the living gods, who I also see as ascended beings, not gods under the modern definition, but “gods” meaning enlightened ones. But here “god” is a term used by convention.

So I don’t even use the word god, knowing it means too many things to too may people, it’s meaning ha changes over the millennia, and it’s got a ton of baggage and had become a point of confusion that distracts from the goal of ascension.

If I want to talk about Source or Tao, I use that, if I want to talk about an entity, I talk about the specific entity. I like t keep things clear, and “god” is an overused term.


I don’t think that there is one single entity at the top that you could call the “boss”, since many entities are powerful in different ways that can’t be compared to each other. But who knows, the universe is huge and I don’t know much.

No, they are not. They are as good and as bad as they always have been.
I don’t know much, but I know one thing for sure:
There is some good in this world that is worth fighting for.

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For many things, things are worst, humans cannot really know camaraderie, companionship, they all are in front of their smart phones. That is just one example. There is chemtrails, GMO foods, 60% of people worldwide lactose intolerant, problems in politics that could destroy the earth and civilization, Toxic elements in our food, Gluten Intolerance and wheat now used as a weapon…plenty more examples…unfortunately.

Because it’s unnatural to drink the milk of another species. Some cultures drank milk for a long time and that’s why they developed lactose tolerance. Lactose intolerance is not unnatural or new.

Because the wheat we grow nowadays has a lot more gluten than the wheat we used to grow. The benefits of today’s wheat is that you get way more out of your harvest, which helps feeding more people.

I think you’re romanticizing the past. People still have what you seek.
I don’t know, I rather live in the present than dying from a rotten tooth or an infected wound at 30.


Infected tooth was in medieval times, not all the historical times there was everywhere on the planet. Thanks for your opinions, they are interresting.

About lactose, no science has proven that in the past, Lactose wasn’t an issue, today’s food element modification did something bad to food, It wasn’t like that before.

As for wheat, more people with food is what they usually say, in truth, it’s not what happened. They modify food t control people, not to feed more lol

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Antibiotics were discovered in the 20th century and before that, a rotten tooth led to severe sickness and even death pretty often.

Well it is a fact though that people did not consume as much dairy products as we do today, so their lactose intolerance didn’t show.
And lots of cultures never drank milk and have always been and stayed lactose intolerant.

The developing of more profit-yielding wheat began thousands of years ago and people did that to feed themselves, not to control.
There are examples of modifying food to control though, like growing vegetables with useless or without seeds, so you can’t regrow them on your own and have to buy new seeds every year. But that has nothing to do with gluten.

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In some area, progress was made, technology etc. Now we depend on it. About gluten, it’s a way of seeing it. I respect that. Life expectancy didn’t grow, it is lowered. Then again, it depends on the country and when lol. In all, pollution is much more than - not too long ago - my focus was there mostly, pollutant of any kind. Cancers cases much more than before. Etc. We have diff perspectives.

I think in order to not derail your thread we have to agree to disagree. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • smile * yeah it is an original way to see it.

I think God is source. Whatever everything comes from. I do think things have been “designed” by something “intelligent” but maybe not aware in the way we humans are. I don’t think “God” is something we humans can understand. Neither do I think “it” particularly cares about humans individually. I know that sounds harsh but I think God is like nature. Nature keeps on going, it doesn’t care if people are dying, starving, or something. It just is. Kinda like how the sun always rises and sets no matter what. That’s the way I think “God” is. It just is.


I tend to think it’s really the case and it’s up to the creatures living in that universe to try to shape it or modulate it to make it better, but unfortunately, some spirits are trying always to sabotage this work.

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See that’s where I draw a distinction. I don’t think source is a individual spirit. I don’t think it has a sense of right or wrong. It’s just creation. Death is as natural as life. Unfortunately some deaths are traumatic but that’s just the reality of the world we live in. Yes, it’s up to us to take responsibility to care for ourselves. But in the specific case of source. It just is. I like to think it’s alot like our bodies. Regardless of how we feel, what we do – our bodies keep running. We could hate being alive but that won’t stop our hearts from beating and our cells from doing there work.


God is beyond. This is simple enough. It has aspects in every duality, in every person, in every soul and non soul - god is there as an archetype. God simply is. God simply becomes, was, and is not. God is not dictating anything, but to know it - is to know yourself and every single thing that is and isn’t.

That’s what I think anyway…

-Lotan Vovin


my God sat in a black hole, as big as a galaxy yet small enough for me to hold his hand. He told me to come with him and I refused. But what he emitted was pure bliss, and a very overwhelming sense of kindness and safety. He doesn’t require me to do anything. Even as I choose to be with the demons, who might dislike this God, his presence remains with me. I feel no conflict about that.

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Other than human pain, going to hospital and suffering, or catching a desease or dying, leaving your loved ones. lots of suffering in this world. also child traffics going on etc.