I am searching for meditation, and I know how to meditate and how to get rid of ideas in order to clear the mind and enlightenment.
Now I want to ask about how to do something real in my life? What is the best spirit that will help me and teach me? For me as a beginner.
I also know how to create energy in my hands and feel it through imagination and faith, I feel that every day I progress in something.
I am also a creative person with a wide imagination.

Once again the search magnifying glass is great to find the answers. There’s a lot of posts here on meditation. This is another example of a perfect time to make a journal


Thank you so much!!! Yes of course i will do but pleas how can i make a journal as you said? i have no experience of how to use this option

Just as you create this type of post theres a function to change the thing from General discussion to journal. Let me get some screenshots.

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Yes, i understand you now!!! Thank you

where I clicked for category I just typed jou and it brings up the dropdown for Journal.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Yes of course this help.
Thank you so much

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Once you make the journal you can ask @Lady_Eva to merge all your post into the one thread. This will also help you keep track of them all and such.

As far as this question I SUCK at this so I am of no help.

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You already started a Journal here:


Yess, Thank you!