Games of chance, betting, sports trading etc. Hail Bune, Lord Clauneck, Lebezerin Gremory

Hi everyone, so I play a lot of games of chance (e.g. Blackjack, poker, online casino, bingo), sports betting, trading etc and so far have been profitable as I’m a member of groups who target and share online offers where we are given an edge in games, e.g. free spins, boosts, refunds etc. I’ve made a decent profit so far… That said the variance can be unnerving at times and am looking to find ongoing ways to improve results and make the winnings bigger.

So far I’ve worked with Bune, Lord Clauneck, the ange; Lebezerin (from New Avatar Power) and to a lesser extent Gremory (I mainly call on the dutchess for matters of love) with some success I’ve yet to figure out the best way to build a relationship with them, particularly Lord Clauneck. Clauneck I feel is perhaps more suited to business prosperity in general but I feel he has helped me with these matters as well. I have done combined Shem angel and Goetia calls- using the method by Henry Archer he details in his Angels & Demons book, as well as bringing up the sigils of Clauneck, Bune, Gremory, Lebezerin when playing the games or placing bets and putting myself into self hypnosis, listening to/chanting enns etc.

Who else are the best Spirits beyond the obvious, and how would be a good way to build an ongoing relationship with the ones I already have a relationship witth?

Hail Bune, Lord Clauneck, Lebezerin and Gremory!


have you checked out mammon? demon of wealth. got small jackpot yesterday early first hour , however, i didn’t leave. stay too long. several hours. than lost it. I should of done the wealth magick sigil for gambling every hour . I did it once. suppose to do it every hour. It’s in the book 7 occult money riches by henry archer. there’s the magickal cash book by damon too.

magickal riches book have an actual gambling ritual.


Heard of Mammon but don’t know a lot about him. Laxmi is the other I’m interested in. I’ve used Nitika with some success in the past but because I play so many games it isn’t practical to ask Nitika to help me for every single contest, a medium nice surprised win every now and again maybe…

I have that Henry Archer book too but I’m focusing on the first 3 clearing rituals first!

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I’m waiting for a mammon ring that i ordered. The seller have relationship with mammon so he put /contain his power on the ring. I got it on etsy , you can search for it. Hopefully it works to bring wealth to me. Everyone really need money since society revolves around money.

If you know astrology, chinese bazi astrology. You can see if your meant to gamble too .Your money luck. Some people aren’t meant for such. It tells when you can take risk for chance of success. When i don’t follow it, i tend to lose easier. when i follow it, i gain. Hard part is discipline like anything cuz you get emotional when you gamble at the casino. That’s what i do , feng shui , destiny analysis astrology bazi method and am a hypnotist trained.

the magick i’m learning is just another tool to better my life by attracting good to my life. Or to teach lesson to bad people who wrong me. =o) Only if they deserve it.


Interesting, was it expensive? Also feel free to post the link to the ring here, I’m sure the maker wouldn’t mind more business, haha.

I have never heard of Chinese Bazi astrology, going to look this up. As it happens I have very good results from my overall playing of games, I have made several thousand pounds profit the last few months but the thing is I know I can make far more as other members of the same community I’m in are making a full time (tax free) income from this, so I think some of it is that I’m still mentally blocked by fear- for example I had an aversion to gambling when I was younger because a schoolfriend had a slots addiction and stole from family. I have very good perception though, for example the other week I picked a horse which was 100/1 odds and put an Each way bet on it of £1 and the horse won!!

Yo iam also interesting in Sports betting mate. Can we pm?

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For sure. Send me a message. i’m currently learning how to trade Football in European leagues.

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Use i ching divination to pick which team will win. it works. i’m not into sports but divination is easy for these kind of stuff. which team is likely to win? Our teacher does it all the time with president election and it always prove correct a month before election. demon volac if you are into numbers. lotto and keno. he’s the demon for lucky numbers.


I have some experience with I Ching but not used it in ages. Is there a particular way you’re doing it, do you put both teams seperately into the mix as well as a draw result? I’ve used a little too for quick readings.

There’s also an interesting discussion here on the Online Clarity forum I’m a member of.

Also I have a deck of Tarot/Iching hybrid Cards called the Tao Oracle not used them in a while but they’re very beautiful

This sounds pretty complex, how long did it take you to learn?

take the live course and you’ll learn the process in 3 weeks or so. don’t mean your efficient. good stuff isn’t easy to. easy to understand as it’s logical. just not easy to learn. takes practice.

It’s worth learning. if your smart you can learn from the book. U need the old secret book too. it’s foundation. then the i ching divination. IT’s worth getting the book. It’s affordable too. like i said before. u can even learn feng shui too for the home luck.

The guy lives in America right? Don’t think its feasible to do a live course if so. Ypu did the live course then?

@K.Theo @Akhtyahussein @Demeter @Poseidon @Prometheus77 @desmonX @anon69472442 @anon2593031 @Chubhie @sailing cuz u folks were on other thread about betting tips . U might be interested in this good results.

So another good visit to the casino. So yesterday morning. I did i ching divination asking ’ will i win gambling at river rock casino?" It told me that I’m on the favored side. I really didn’t want to go since i’ve been losing a bunch lately due to not leaving early after i win some. Stayed too long. This time it worked out. So I did a petition for asmoday to charge up my ring and bring me luck and for my free play to win. I did this on the bus since i took the picture of the process steps

I don’t have the angles name with me so i did the bottom one. Without the enn. I do have the sigil since i have ring of him. I also do the gambling ritual where you say EE-ELL while looking at sigil and visualize silver cylinder around you coming from above. That is from the henry archer book 7 occult money ritual. i do that one before playing.
So when i got there i use my free play and win 250 off the bat. Went to tables and lost it and down to my last 100. Then i got lucky with few dealers kept hitting side bet. i wish i was betting more cuz it was crazy run. betting little on side bet and i was hitting it like every 2-3 hands with 4 dealers back to back. Of course this happens later in evening when most chinese players gone who don’t know how to play. I won on tables that isn’t full table and no in/outs. Earlier there were too many in/outs player and bad plays. The tables i won were not full and good decent players. So i avoided bad players this time. When it hit evening i went to eat after getting my money back to even after almost losing it all. Even meaning reaching back that 250 i won earlier from free play. Had a good run. I ask asmoday to allow me to win several hundreds more for the nite since i’m on a bus schedule and had to wait 3 more hrs. so from 7-2 am i was getting a great run. i end up winning 950. Not had a run like that in long time. So asmoday did give me the several hundred i ask for the remaining nite. I ching divination also said people will help me win. So those dealers working nites helped me. Incredible run. I stop after the 5th dealer kill me to lose 100. No one bonus since he was bad luck. The guy deal slow and bad vibe. Like he don’t want to be there. I also didn’t want to go but i also check the date . It was a metal fire monkey day. fire represent wealth and monkey is metal. Metal good for me. And since it’s rat yr and wood month, the fire won’t be so hurtful since rat yr and wood will protect me from fire… so there is a chance i can make money. Just wish i push it . i would of gotten few thousands win. :man_shrugging: reason i continued slow wins cuz i didn’t want to give back. As you gamblers know. it can lose faster than winning. Also the mexican players were on tilt complaining swearing that he don’t get bonus. yet i was getting every few hands. The good things was no in/outs for a period of time and the crazy players went to eat. that was my opportunity. Also nice dealers are usually good to me. It helps to play with friendly nice dealers with good vibe. So i remember to petition during the trip for more lucky wins. So this time trip was successful. The king asmoday has help me. I also didn’t wear my mammon ring so that i know it was asmoday that helped me. I also have 7 olympic spirit pendant but i don’t think they help me. maybe they did a bit too.

It’s lucky run cuz i was betting like 10-15 bucks mostly 10 bucks with 5 on bonus. To get to 950 plus on 100 buy in is very very hard to do. while betting minimums too. That show a long lucky streak.

Hope this kind luck steak continues the future petition to him. If it’s consistent then i can make loads of money to raise my bets. I haven’t gotten this kind of lucky run in a long time. Only did it once before where all day i couldn’t lose. I’m talking about few hrs lucky run at table game on bonuses and main game. Also my biorhything of intuition is 99% and physical and emotional is positive too. That’s another sign. Most people who win at games of chance have these 3 stats in the positive at the same time. I noticed that too. when they positive the chance of winning is better.

Now i must gift king asmoday today the green tea and 2 cups of reeses pieces that i said i would. =o)

If you didn’t know. asmoday is also the demon king of gambling in hell. That’s why i choose him. He’s Not just for breaking up marriages or causing others to lust after you.


Thank you for tagging me. This is great. I wish your good run continues and I’ll keep an eye on your methods. We gotta find a way and start to win consistently. Keep me updated!

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Those process are for any demons. I like to write the steps down as it helps as a reference.

@anon37593562 how consistent are your results? I worked with Asmodeus before and got a 2-1 record then stop after I worked with him, because I blamed him for my loss. Like “why’d you let me lose”?

I had a similar reputation with the demon minoson. What do you think? It seems there’s many opportunities to make money in sport gambling. Why can’t results be consistent?

U can’t blame demons. It’s not their job to give you 100% . no such thing. THey might make you lose to teach you some kind of lesson, like discipline, money management etc…
U do sports betting. I do casino which requires luck and skill. I have control of my bets and which table to play and also who’s there at the table etc… There are more variables with casino betting and timing.
It also depends on how your ask him or petition. gift? trust? were you casting correctly? at the right time when your not tired? how skillful are your magick? etc…

I’m just starting asking asmoday for help. So far all my trips were favorable to win early when i’m there with my free play. I get like 40 bucks free play and i hit 100 or 200 or 400 last week. however, i lost them and then some on that 400. it was’t the demon fault i lost. it was my fault for staying longer and making poor choices. but yesterday i won back the 400 and more. Just cuz i remember to ask throughout the day and not just once. I reach my goal of few hundred when i ask that morning. then i ask again for several hundred more for the evening/nite play. and demon delivered. I would say all my request were good 100% except my mistake for staying too long thinking my luck last longer. That’s my fault not the demon. U lost cuz you played wrong not the demon’s fault. Maybe you interpret which team to pick wrong.

sports vs casino are diffferent kind of betting situation. with casino you have more leeway of luck. ups and down. etc. in one session. Sports have one game and that’s it. while when you play cards, your playing like hundreds of hands in a day. U can’t win all of the hands. U can win the big bets however. With sports your playing like one game. vs my hundreds’ of hands. I have more flexibility than your one game sports.

I know it was asmoday who help cuz i ask for few hundred first and i got it with free play. then later when i was losing i went and ask to get back the few hundred i lost and it happened. then i ask for several hundred and i got exactly several hundred through the evening /nite. It’s not a coincidence that the numbers asked match up. I wasn’t even tracking my wins while playing too. I use those exact words. win few hundred which represent 2-300. several hundred which represent 700.


That’s an absolutely brilliant summary, will save this and give it a shot soon.

It’s basically a combined method using both Damon Brand and Henry Archer’s methods isn’t it