Games of chance, betting, sports trading etc. Hail Bune, Lord Clauneck, Lebezerin Gremory

What ritual did you perform ?

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The 2nd one in the bottom of the pictures i upload as i don’t have the list of angels on the top of my head. =o)

I"m thinking of getting that mammon ring again as this one is circle. I got the old version that is square. I might want to get that asmoday ring and 7 olympic spirits too. The carving from this person is etch deep.
also give your date of birth and location and they will consecrate it to you.

if it’s needed to be remove. then it’s ok with me. besides smart people should be able to find it on etsy using search. =o)

Also i am now carrying the key of solomon planet of pluto #2 and #6 seal pendant with me at all times. I remove the chain and put it on a 2 coin holder. They are for wealth and riches and i say the activation psalm. =o) These are more affordable then the ring.

The rings are dedication to demons and i use it as gift to them. and they are cool. lol It’s one time investment so i don’t have to keep making paper sigils. Also asmoday help me win so it’s paid for by the gambling winning request. =o)

i think mammon is more business. asmoday is gambling as he’s the king of gambling hell. didn’t use mammon for this trip. i like the mammon sigil cuz it gots an M. lol if it’s not working out with him it’s ok. I still can use the ring to represnt me due to the M lol Same first letter of my name. or W if it’s upside down. or E if it’s side ways. lol


don’t forget chaos magick process too. lol if u add tracing or drawing the sigil in the air.

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lol. @anon69472442 . U think the ring is expensive? wrong mindset my friend. The rings are a bargain for magick purpose. Look at the 10 grand plus rings future wife get due to tradition of marriage. And it’s for show only . These are ring with purpose that will bring you tremendous return. U can also kill 2 birds with one stone. dedicate it to the demon to show respect ,build better relationship connection and u get to use it as magick purpose. :laughing:

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mammon isn’t the only demon working with money. Other demons can help network as well .

small steps. work with other demons to be somewhat skillful first with magick. . If mammon is the big boy then we can work with him when we have funds… to show we are serious. So get money by way of other demons, bune, asmoday, etc… Then leverage those money for mammon. Since the ring is silver , it’s right up mammon’s alley. He likes silver and gold. so i dedicate the ring to him as it’s silver.

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I have zero money :’(

that’s why i like that site. the owner works with mammon and infuse the energy to the ring already. His day to be contact on is thursday according to those who work with him.


abundance and wealth isn’t only related to money. U can be rich with other stuff. =o) money is use for trade. U can barter without money. Some people still do that. Lots of business too. they will barter service for service.

Also your pretty so you should have plenty opportunity for jobs and making money or getting rich bf. lol. Attractive looking people have lots of chances. If not than you not using your looks to your advantage. =o)

U can work with paper sigils until you have enough to get some nice sigil rings.

this might be useful for those striving for wealth freedom.

It’s not wrong advice. Everyone use their looks for opportunity. they dress well. professional. make up. proper hygiene . etc…

I didn’t say be gold digger. I think your making assumptions. Many people have other who have money that can support her goals. Maybe she wants a person who’s successful and great man that also have money. THink bigger my friend. Think with higher vibration. Not lower vibration thoughts. =o)

I’m just saying her looks have advantage .use them to influence.

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I am not for sale and I would never use someone for their money. It is beneath me. As for a job there is nothing available on the island I live

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Thank you.
I also choose brain. Beauty fades but the soul stays the same

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No one ever said anything about selling yourself nor using others for their money. Your misreading the message. let me try to re-explain since your attractive you have more opportunity to open doors then the normal looking folks. It’s easier to network and stuff. It’s a fact that attractiveness is a tool of persuasion. It’s also easier for you to meet way more people in the dating scene so you got choices. Your also more able to meet more financial stable people and get more doors open as well as learn from them. U two are reading with low vibration thoughts. :man_shrugging: don’t dismiss beauty. your were born with it for a reason and use it if it’s to your benefit. And i know you probaby use it without knowing. IN this world we function base on looks and it matters a big deal in business. A unkept person will get less chance than someone who looks clean. Thats a fact.

Try from Franz Bardon’s Spirit Evocation, this spirit 195: Iserag (21º Virgo)


I don’t know if the divination helps with the proper timing too. :man_shrugging: Maybe combination of all. The divination to figure out favored timing and include the spells for luck. I also look at the astrology too if it’s more favorable day to me. Like today. i went. It wasn’t good due to pig hr which clash with my wealth element fire. One should not do important activity if there is a clash of one’s birth date. I only went cuz i was off work. I could of avoided the lost if I was more careful to not play at tables with bad players. I could of stayed with slots and maybe i would of done good. I actually won with my free play however i decided to go to table and that’s when it went downhill. I didn’t lost all that i won last time. just some. There were times of being very lucky streak but i didn’t let it ride. I should. I predict the outcome on the bonus too yet didn’t put out the money. So i could of gotten ahead if i did.

How can a beginner be very perfect at these very methods of us?