Gaea (Gaia) vs Lilith


Hi, this is not advice but just my pennys worth or suggestion. Maybe mastering the flames of yin and yang, fire and water, will make you more powerful than ever? Its obvious they are both part of this universe and there for you to master, unless you are not willing or want to work less with one or the other. If the fire is to hot go for water if the water is too cold go for fire til you find the way/balance you are comfortable with. You have power so do you have free will. But obviously the ‘fight’ between the too seems to have given you an ear ache (metiphorically). Step back, and ask yourself if there was an outcome what would You really want? Once you are clear on that then decide and confront the situation. Maybe in your hearts of hearts you want Gaia where you feel comfortable but will you feel your missing out something by not working with Lilith… once you are true to yourself, confront them with whatever or whichever proposition or choice… but also know no decision need to be final. All the best, and I hope you find what you seek.


I’ve always loved water and wind and the earth it’s self. She always said that my anger will burn the coals that destroy the modern world. Gaea raised me that way, living near the biggest fresh body of water in the world… in untamed wilderness, tending to the animals and becoming a skilled hunter. She programmed my mind so that the weather around me is always according to my mood. It’s taken years to realize that but final I know.


Really i’ve worked with both with no problems. There both aspects of mother nature so maybe its your outlook. Perspective can change everything. lol

As for here interfearing it’s probably more call on us both. As Gaia is the creative force of Nature. While Lilith is the destructive.


If you are balancing your scale in favor of Gaia then work with what resonates and politely bid Lilith farewell for now. You’re human and there are billions so I doubt it’s crucial to Lilith’s existence that she stay in your influence.

Some love the turmoil and some can’t handle that. Do what’s best for you. At least you tried.


You know you can go for both, right? No need for an ultimatum.


Hmmm true…


Good thinking. They both want the best for me, they both have been very good to me. Lust and death is a part of nature, and birth and care is also a part nature. They both lust over me which is good, i can’t have one without the other. For I lust, lilith helps me unleash lust and hatred. And Gaea is always there to revive me. I ask them both, and they say I can’t choose. Just be theirs and that’s it, that’s all they wanted. Each has a job they have to do with me. And I’m glad they understand. I feel much better now


You haven’t experienced what she put me through. I’m her play thing and she doesn’t ever give up. No matter what I do to offend her. She had a reason for it, she ain’t going to give up her toy. She swore on the River Styx