Gaea (Gaia) vs Lilith


I’m left with a big decision, lilith wants me… and so does Gaia (Gaea). Both are calling me. I need a consent from you; people who know these deity’s. Both have been trying to impress me like to high school girls. all of a sudden feeling that there is going to be another war and that Gaea has finally seen my potential to work for her, . I’ve developed and I am more powerful than I ever dreamed, and now I need you all tell me the what is going on in the heavens and earth what might be the best choice. Please I ask of you once more for your knowledge. Who is more important… Gaia or Lilith.


They’re both equally important. When you become powerful it’s not a question of who you can potentially serve. That’s straight RHP mentality which isn’t a bad thing.

But if you’re going down the LHP, the question becomes:
What Can I do with this power? or Who can help me accomplish this goal? (what legions can i use, who can i call on, etc.)

If you’re looking for someone to be come a servant of to Ascend to, idk, priest/priestesshood or something…

Wait for it…

Listen to yourself. There is nothing wrong with serving Gaia first then Lilith and gain empowerment that way (using RHP techniques for LHP purposes).

You don’t need us to tell you what’s going on in the earth and heavens to decide :joy::metal::metal:

But since, ya know, you Live on Gaias (earths) body…ya know, probably go to her first? Idfk :joy:


Your approach is so wrong.

Why you’re not using your gifts then to see what works best for you? We can’t tell you what current to work with, only you can.


Ok then I’ve decided, it’s Gaea, it’s always been her… where could I find reliable archives on Gaea.


This wonderful tool called…

The true Fire of The Gods :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Thank you, i will keep that in mind. The thing is, I almost have no choice but to stay neutral. They get really mad when I try and talk to one and not the other, or talk to certain entities. I’ve been doing all I can to keep them both happy. Once I tried to just say we are done. And that did not end well. I feel like I’m like a toy being fought over… and if they can’t have me, then one else can


Thank you kind sir, blessings to you and your legacy


Then again, this will not end well




Lilith is going to throw a fit. It’s scary…


Have you ever thought that maybe neither of them is for you…?


Make her a nice dinner with some wine. Let her know that working with Gaia is where your primary path is leading you right now, but you’d still appreciate her wisdom on matters you come to her with because you love and respect her.
Let her know that your decision isn’t personal, nor does it reflect on any lack on her part for she is magnificent.


This sounds more like imposter behavior, not that of dignified primordial beings and goddesses, TBH.


No, Gaea has always been their. She showed me a vision, She has cradled me in her arms all this time… it’s my destiny. She showed me liliths plans, and said that lilith has not even given me an ounce compared to herself.


I am not here to manipulate


Read back over what I said. Imposters are malevolent beings who essentially hijack the energy signature of gods and pretend to be them.
It had nothing to do with you.


If you don’t know what an imposter is, maybe you should devote some more time in grounding and basic meditation before taking on a patroness.


This is Gaea, I know it… I have too punch proof. The earth. I’ve seen her power, way too powerful, I’ve seen what she can do. It’s her, earth wants me. This is not sum very powerful spirit try to control me.


I’ve spent years with Gaia, she shows me so much. Before I even knew about magic and this stuff she taught me. I know it’s her. I’ve encountered earth spirits, they don’t even compare.


Spirits want me. I know when I am being used. This is not the case