Gaea (Gaia) vs Lilith


Whenever I thinking of her power. The earth swarms with energy that I loose my balance


You can continue to wring your hands then, or:


Very clever… it would be an interesting dinner. I admit, I know a lot… but i am also A novice. Your knowledge is very much appreciated


And very indeed, lilith is a force to be reckoned with. I pay her with respect, reverence, chivalry. And humility.


work with both of them, end of story


Lilith is for the strong willed and she often challenges but helps the person she works with. Remember, you are just a person on the earth you can work with both, your decision won’t change much. Just remember the rewards for working with Lilith can make it worth it.


They don’t get along… at all. They fight over my attention.


Gaea draws me out into her domain. Then Lilith will entice me with sex and power. Then the earth trembles and my lustfull thoughts explode. When I read about Gaia, a succubus will distract me. It never ends


She has, she is. But in the end I can’t interfere with a goddess and a titaness. Gaia has won me over… I owe her, I love her, I need her. But Lilith still insists that she is the one with more than ill ever need.


I agree with @Samnu. I would advise testing the spirits claiming to be Lilith/Gaia. Have “Lilith” trace her sigil for you and state her relationship to Namaah, for example.


Thanks, I have contacted angels, succubi, demons, azazel, and even iris. They say it’s them. When I asked iris she shuttered the colors around me and closed the message. Apparently the Olympians don’t like her.


They don’t like Gaea either… they say shes… violent


Yeah, that’s not what “testing the spirits” means. Also, color manipulation is probably not the most stringent test. I’m just saying these things because to go down this path assuming you know what you’re dealing with may end very badly for you. Obviously, it’s all up to you how you move forward.


I have been through a lot… it’s because of Gaea, she says she sculpted me to be invincible, all the trouble that I’ve been through was for her selfish desires. But thank you… I will do the tests that you have taught me.


I don’t know your sources but…

They don’t get along? You’re comparing two cosmogonies possibly more since the Jewish version of Lilith is pretty deep.

This is a great story

Is Lilitu the same as Lilith? It’s hard to say. Maybe yes and no like the shattered souls seeding and returning as I mentioned in the Buer picture thread. It’s a great ability to have versions spread around to gather different insights. Perhaps what you latched onto is very different from another’s experience. The same with Gaia. Who’s to say Gaia isn’t a form of Geb & Nut combined with a few others.


Yes very well then… I will read until I see the truth.


Imho, It will always come down to self and how you wish to construct your gnosis. A truth to one may not be truth to you. You would think truth is set in stone but it appears to be separate from facts. What is truth? Is Truth the foundation for the virtues of Honesty, Justice, Honor, and Spirituality in persuit of Verity? Or is it other?


Very different view point… I like it.


Why not work with both? Its not about who’s more important. Its about what you can learn from both. Research them both and then ect ect…


I assume from the sigil that you know a bit about Lilith. The thing is… last night Gaea interfered with my dinner plans with Lilith. They fight, I can’t choose both nor none.