Gabriels Gnosis to yberion

bear with me,
i might come of a bit whiney for the next few lines.

i need to address that somehow.

Gabriel’s always been in my perifial,
for about 5 years maybe?

i don’t know.

so the thing is,
i’ve always counted that as a kind of warning.

Like an unwanted attention,
i tried to cover myself away from.

Tried to talk it out with Gabriel tonight.

Gabriel really really really wants to care for me.

So Gabriel confirmed my Demonic Status,
and pointed towards me having an Angelic Rank aswell.

But Gabriel deliberately refused to talk about which rank it is exactly,
just simply told me i’m one of the old watchers,
yadi yadi yadi,
i know that stuff.

Didn’t care to much for that part.

why would i want to listen,
if you consider me an issue.

But that’s the point.

Gabriel was like:
But you help building Planets,
and beings.

You shouldn’t see yourself,
in the way you do see yourself currently.

If only you knew your real power,
but that’d be bad for all of us,
since you’re so reluctant of going forth anyway.

So i’m like…

then give me a reason,
an explenation,
what i’m doing in here then.

And it was like,
as i’m supposed to know that stuff all along anyway.

yeah it’s confusing.

Heck i don’t get it.

But anyways.

Maybe someone can make sense of it.

I sure need some time to digest this.




Intuition nagged at me, i wasnt sure whether or not to link the song but felt the need

And angels deal with cosmic forces. As a demonic, you are familiar with entropy and its use/presence. You keep Gabriel in your at arm’s length and do not trust because in learning the various infernal arts, he would possibly keep the entropy needed to learn away, just by his presence. But for your bigger goal, you do need to learn(remember) the angelic ways of things.

“To keep the state which is desired, the decay must be kept away from that which you want preserved. But it is not easily kept away, as it is one of those ‘universal building blocks’. Angels work with those blocks” -subtle channel, not sure who


yeah i can definately attest to that song doing something here.

Much apriciated.

yeah, i know.

the Platonic Solids.

The core mechanisms of Matter creation.

So you think that haves to do with it.

i’ll consider.

Of course, that’s just lesser divine geometry.

Advanced includes stuff like,
how to build a triangle out of nothing.

(Evoking similarity not unintended. :wink:

key of creation should look something a little bit like this:

that one.
This one really even looks like it did in Celestia.



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I find Gabriel is very amazing to call on before doing tarot cards.

Anyways this reminds me of some things.
Belial told me I was a child of Satan,
where as Yezelel said I was a bodhizafa which I knew was a Buddhist term but I couldn’t exactly recall what, but later I was reading a book on arch angel Micheal and it defined the word bodhizafa as an angel in human form.

So I thought that was weird, are you saying I can be both?
I sort of just thought they were fighting over me. lol

Well with this it also sort of relates to me. I was having an intense talk with my angels today and they kind of seemed to be suggesting I for go my needs and what I feel I want to add to this world and and just twiddle my thumbs all day and just accept this is the life I came here to have.

Maybe that is too crazy sounding, but I get signs of this all the time. Maybe I’m just crazy. But it’s like I am to fast away any relationships and sleep and some how in all that stupidity I am to live out my greatest good that I have come here to do with this life.

I am supposed to spend the day with Poiel tomorrow and (review) kind of sort of all the directions my life is could go, so hopefully there’s more to things than that, but it was almost like they were saying or the thought was coming in that for some reason, I agreed to this. It mostly doesn’t make sense though.

Is there some sort of Akashic records or something to review what your plan was in being here?
Do you think that might shed some sort of light on our situation?

Or anyways do you ever call on Archangel Raziel? He is more the one you want to talk with in exploring what your magical power is.

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sure you don’t mean Bodhisatva?

Because that means reincarnated,
and is the usual base state for being a Lama.

one doesn’t exclude the other,
you can be a child of Satan,
and a Bodhisatva at the same time.

Nevermind, got it.

Oh my mum used to tell me that all the time:

She believed i was a gift from god,
and when i grew up,
she said good and bad were constantly batteling for me and my attention.
She also used to say always:

“i can’t let you go out,
without you doing some crazy stuff.”

Couz due to no fireworks being allowed on your new-years eve,
i developed the habit for collecting old fireworks, and lighters,
for example.

Or when it came to skateboarding,
i simply laid on the board,
being pretty much invisible to a car driver,
risking my life countless times,
without any awareness for the fact.

A crash on the train rails made me stop that habit.

I kept standing on the board afterwards.^^

Bro, i feel you there.
Kind of the same story here.
Especially with my own ancient forms becoming pissed at me,
for processing so much power,
and becoming who i am currently,
it’s like - what, do you want me to stumble around blindly and randomly die to a car crash?

Do you really think this is a form of incarnation i’d care about?

There definately is.

The issue, with reading the Akkashic recods,
is they’re not really a book.

A book is just used here on earth,
to represent what it’s like.

The actual akkashic records,
are collective memory,
and need to be accessed as memory.

So a very deep trance,
combined with memory reawakening techniques,
for suppressed trauma,
should technically do the job.

Not really, no.

Had extremely good and reliable results with Toth,
so i sticked to that.

i’ve never really liked the “Lightworker” enviorments.

I mean, some angels are cool,
and good to work with,
but mostly i have issues with them.

Especially since they failed at a task i sendt 2 complete legions on.

Kind of breaks the trust you know?



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Do you mind sharing the method you summon gabriel? I plan on working with her/him but i cant seem to find info. I work with michael already but my method is a little complicated i made a topic about it too.

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Well, i didn’t.

Gabriel Approached me by himself.

As i mentioned above,
right in the beginning:

If anything,
Gabriel was Evoking me,
rather than me evoking him.

But these work sufficiently.

SX425 479860_133673953472495_1697279078_n



How you summon him? Look into my topic to see how i invoke michael i have to spend at least 20 minutes focusing not mention the pre work. Im intrested in gabriel thats why i ask.

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I’ve just answered you.