Furfilling promise to Archangel Michael

Hello Everyone! I am new to the group but have been practicing magic for a while now. Just a little background on me. I started getting into magic, sorcery, etc about two years ago through another sorcerer who would introduced me to a spirit I would later go on to form a pact with. During that point, you can say I was at a personal low in my life and was desperately searching for a way to get out of the situation i was in. As i reflect back I think the events leading up to me getting into magic and forming the pact I have was in correlation to everything i was going through in my life. So i believe it was the spirits reaching out to me with me just not knowing so. Since then I’ve been able to strengthen my divination and meditation enough to see and talk to spirits. Which brings me to why I am making this post. About a week ago I was stricken with a sudden illness that caused me to be admitted into the hospital. At first I thought I would just be there for a day and be able to leave however, I ended up staying for a full week. Not to mention I was in the most excruciating amount of pain I have ever felt. Doctors performed MRI’s, CT scan’s, etc but for whatever reason could not figure out the reason I was sick, therefore put me on round the clock pain medicine till I was able to start filling better. Needless to say it wasn’t a pleasant experience. On the third night I decided things weren’t going the way I wanted them to so I decided to try and reach out to Archangel Michael to see if he could help. However, getting into the right meditative state proved challenging. It took the course of 2 hours till I was able to get into the right meditation and reach him. I remember feeling a strong energy shift in the room but as i reflect back even after I felt his presence I had trouble holding on to his energy cause of all the pain I was in. I remember asking for his help in healing me. To be blunt though, the message I received from him was in and out but from what I got he said, “I will heal you and oversee the doctors … look to start feeling better immediately and share your experience of how I healed you”. As I said, I was in a great amount of pain so I was not sure if this was really him speaking or my own ego. Interesting enough though, that night as I lied in bed i remember the distinctive feeling of what felt like some type of rays beaming down onto me but as i look around there were no nurses or lights anywhere. I left it for nothing but as crazy as it sounds the next morning I felt better than I had in days. Needless to say over the course of the rest the week I began to fill better and better till the doctors cleared me to be able to go home. As i sit down writing this post part of me still wonders if it was Michael or just modern medicine. In anyways I’m fulfilling the promise I made and sharing my experience. Thanks Michael!


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