Full Moon!

Hey friends! Any advice/tips on a love ritual this taurus full moon?? I love doing spells during this time because I feel as if they add more power! Side note: I woke up feeling terrible and I still feel terrible but I believe my period is coming so that means BLOOD MAGIC during a full moon :slight_smile: yay! So any advice/tips?

another side note: I was already feeling terrible but I did a little petition to amon, as i do often, and this time I put sexual fluids and burned it. The petition had amons sigil as well as another sigil i created and my desires. After I did this, I begin feeling much worse:/ any ideas as to why?

I thought it was a bad idea to just up and do moon rituals? Or is that just Wiccan folk tales?

Well, I’ve personally never heard that but I make my own rules when it comes to magic lol. I find the moon to be powerful and since it is full, I feel as if its the perfect time to do a ritual. But its always what YOU feel is best!:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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From what I recall, when you cast your spells do greatly depend on what phase the moon is in as several deities and goddesses certainly rule different phases.

So, an experienced black magician wouldn’t actually have to worry about going by the phases of the moon, because they’re already powerful enough to direct currents under their will.

For beginners, especially in Wiccan-related paradigms, they believe starting your magick by the phases of the moon so it all goes well and nothing bounces back.

New moon/dark moon: the crane
Goddesses: Morrigan, Holda, Nephyts, Sedna, Cerriduen (if spelt correctly) Nyx, Hel, Hekate, Lilith, Baba Yaga, Callieaoh (if spelt correctly), Kali.

Intentions during this phase:
Shadow work, protection, divination, banishing, meditation, journaling, introspection.

Crescent moon: the maiden
Goddesses: Diana, Artemis, Blodeuwelol (not spelt correctly), Flora, Idunn, Persephone, Freya, Ishtar, Hathor, Oshun, Maeve.

Intentions during this phase:
Manifesting, goal setting, attract new things, beauty, love, youth, independence and strength work.

Full moon/The mother
Goddesses: Isis, Demeter, Yemanja, Rhiannon, Selena, Arianrhod, Brigid, Epona, Gaia, Hestia, Dann, Kuan, Yin, Mary.

Intentions during this phase:
Purification, saying thanks and celebrating accomplishments, letting go off negative habits and ridding of people and things that are no longer of aid.

Spells for increase and growth: waxing crescent

Spells for destruction: waning crescent

A Wednesday afternoon or Friday afternoon when Venus is exalted would definitely increase the properties of Venus if you do spell work during those times.

Phases of the moon:

  1. Full
  2. Waning gibbous
  3. Third quarter (which looks like a half moon but on left)
  4. Waning crescent
  5. New
  6. Waxing crescent
  7. First quarter (which looks like a half moon but on right)
  8. Waxing gibbous

well said!!! :slight_smile:

I was born at three am in the last night of the dark half of the year during my mother’s death on a new moon
…and now I feel especial

Thanks, member of the forum for the info about the moon


would a love spell be okay a day before fullmoon ? or on the fullmoon?

If you are experienced enough you don’t have to use moon phases but much of what I listed for the moon magicians who wish to know what deities coincide each phase but I would advise done on the full moon. Wednesday or Friday evenings are good for love spells as I’ve mentioned quite a few times as Venus is exalted.

Good luck on your spell.

Hi Mxa,
The best thing to do, imo, to ensure the efficacy of your love spell in the first place would be to see what sign the moon is in.
Are you able to tell me what kind of working you’d be doing? Are you planning for evocation, or candle magic?
The moon simply being full doesn’t necessarily mean a working would be more powerful than your working say if it were done during any other waxing gibbous stage.

hello @Ancestor
i have been planning to do c. kendalls powerful love ritual. i know when you are doing evocations, moon phases dont matter much. but since i am still a noob i want situations and the environment to be in my favour too.
i did try this spell 3 years ago out of curiosity, but it didnt worked . back then i had no idea how magic worked and about the goetia and much more.

since i cannot do a full on evocation i was wondering if the moon phases matter too. thats all. i am planning to do it this friday. but its almost full moon. so m contemplating. if it i should wait or what.

i understand where ur coming from

Oops had a malfunction in my reply.

Well I didn’t say that. :slight_smile:
They can also be important. The main thing was I needed to know what exactly you were trying to do.
Because it all depends. Truly.

I don’t know what this ritual is that you describe. Assuming it someone else’s spell from the internet?
Does it mention you need to observe lunar phase and/or aspects?

With love workings, waxing phase can be conducive, but to say “now the moon is full so it’s a good time for a love working as it means I’ll have a greater chance of success” for example is nonsense because it ignores all these other details like sign, degree, aspect. What is the main influence you’re trying to draw upon too (e.g. lust, friendship, marriage, attraction) ? These are important considerations.
More important to do is, look at what sign the moon is currently in, the mundane aspects it is making, and then your current natal moon transits. Is it conducive to what you’re trying to do magic for?
If the moon is currently squaring your saturn natally by transit, are you going to be able to focus for example?
If you can get all this down, you can at least draw on appropriate planetary influences and success is heightened.

But, then let’s say you know very little and just want to try your luck because you’re in love and you just want to try magic. You see the moon is waxing and it’s a Friday - day of venus. You don’t necessarily know what all that means but you hear it’s good for love workings because that’s what you read on the internet.
You do your working and maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. I’d say go ahead and do your magic according to your knowledge anyway. It’s just the more prep work you can put into your working the better, but this is an individual thing. I don’t know your personal circumstances, it’s just a question like yours is actually a very technical one.

If there’s one take away I can give you to boost your confidence, know that many love operations I have conducted during a waning moon phase. I got the calculations right for my objective and got my result. In these workings I did not require a prominent lunar influence.

@Ancestor thank you for the detailed explanation. I appreciate it.

Powerful Love Ritual

This is the ritual that I had been contemplating and planning to do this Friday. No the ritual as it is written doesn’t mention a specific moon phase. But in general if the day of the Venus matter so does the hour of Venus . I thought moon phase could help too.

Now I don’t know [quote=“Ancestor, post:14, topic:86886”]
If the moon is currently squaring your saturn natally by transit, are you going to be able to focus for example?

Now I don’t know where my Jupiter is currently in my natal. As I said just wanted to make the most as humanely possible for the ritual.

Let’s say I want all of the above. Is one ritual not sufficient ?

The idea is to give all my energy, to one ritual in a favourable period until I have nothing left to give and feel complete and a sense of peace.

Any guidance ?

Ok, I see. I personally would not bother doing this myself, but if this resonates with you – that’s the main thing.

What would u do personally ? Any specific love spell that worked for u that u can share ?

You’re very welcome.I’m happy I could be of help.

Jupiter doesn’t matter. Ok I see you don’t know much about astrology. Fuck.
What we wanted to see is where the moon will transit for you this week as well as what the moon is doing this week. Especially on Friday.

Mate, just do your working and take some notes. And in the background maybe see if you can listen to some lectures by Aaron Leitch and Dr. Stephen Skinner - they’ll help you understand what magic is. And then from there, you can pick up a book and follow it.

Sure one ritual can be enough, there are flavours of love too – that’s what that comment was getting at.
I want to cause N to love me in a romantic way for example, or I want N to love me in friendly sisterly way.

Okay, well that sounds good.

What a coincidence… her name start with N :joy:

Thank you brother.

What are your thought on it ?

Okay if it were just some random girl I was crushing on…
I’d invoke the spirits energy and do candle magic hoodoo/solomonic style… With the remnants I’d make a mojo bag.
If i could get personal concerns, I’d include them in my working.
If I love the girl a lot and the matter is quite important to me,
I’d get my triangle ready with offerings to invite a spirit through evocation. Probably would go with a Bardonian spirit.
Guess, I could also give her a potion to drink if she were already friends with me. Hehe

It is in fact.

Since I can’t even get to the theta state I am still inept to do a full fledged evocation. I try to talk to amon and dantalion every now and then but only a few questions of which I already know the answers. And not all of the. Are positive. May be I’ll have to try the penny divination .

Couldn’t find a thing what that is .

I also tried this .

Because there are resistance. Resistance for her to feel and admit those feelings.

Now I can’t make her drink anything ATM. Since she’s mad at me because I kinda fucked up. I obsessed because she pulled back. And the whole things blew out of proportion. Now there’s no contact between us . But there was disrespect too. That’s why I want her to come forth with the communication and all.
This time I am determined to be much more disciplined.

Btw how are offerings presented ?

Hey @mxa

Since I can’t even get to the theta state I am still inept to do a full fledged evocation. I try to talk to amon and dantalion every now and then but only a few questions of which I already know the answers. And not all of the. Are positive. May be I’ll have to try the penny divination .

You don’t need to get into theta state, you just need to be in a relaxed meditative state. But I concede, evocation takes some time to get the hang of. You don’t want to be caught in your own mental delusion.
So I’d suggest doing some operations and invoking a spirit over your working would likely yield you better results.

Franz Bardon. The spirit description can be found in Practice of Magical Evocation, along with instructions on how to invite.

Yeah my take is that things like this are bullshit. One proper love working is enough to get your target to show some modicum of interest in you.

Don’t be discouraged. This type of situation is very common. Love workings are good for working with this sort thing. I’ve been in this situation before, and practically all of my clients that wanted love workings.

With humility, sincerity, gratitude. Place them on your alter, say a prayer and invite them to partake.
If you decide to go through with Franz Bardon approach, you’ll place the offerings in your triangle, and basically do what I mentioned above.

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