Full moon Weekend layered love spell. And relationship advise

Hello guys,

So I’ve been watching the forum for a few days now. With the full moon coming up. I plan on doing a 4 night spell. Stepwise: to repair my situation with my ex. I already have a few spells active, done by professionals. I just want to do some sigil spells myself and a candle spell tomorrow night (EAs).

Thursday night (tonite)
Meditate on Duke Dantalion, ask him to remove any obstacles that might be blocking target to talk to me and open up and clear up any bad energy between us and any emotions. And create feelings of positivity in the target for me.

Friday: EAs candle love spell for lust. With the targets personal links

Saturday: meditate to Amon and Rosier to sweeten things between us and guide us with their blessings

Sunday: Meidtate to Sitri for obvious reasons.

I have a few questions if someone can guide me. I’ve tried evoking before but I don’t usually hear things are see anything. So I have decided to just mediate to their enns and leave the rest up to them. I will try to meditate for as long as I can.

My alterations are to draw the Sigil on my hand and meditate. With personal links in my hand (either picture or dna) with a candle lit. And sleep with the Sigil drawn. Can I wash the sigil away the next morning or just leave it on through out the day and before my next mediate do over it.

I wanna top all this off with a candle spell to Santa Muerte. On Monday.

Do you guys thinks the Santa Muerte candle is on over kill. And what do you guys think about doing this 4 days in a row. I am basically taking a step wise approach to target any and all issues were between us.

This afternoon after doing so research. I was taking a nap and decided to listen to Dantalions enn while sleeping. I haven’t spoken to my target in a week, last conversation wasn’t too well but not that bad either. We’ve been split for 3 months now.

After I woke up I felt this sudden urge to call her against my will cause I had promised myself to wait for her to get In touch. Any way I called her she answered first ring and was surprised to know it was me, anyway she said she’ll call me back and I felt like something wasn’t right. She called me back 20 minutes later and was conversing during, Which she said the reason she answered the call was because “ the phone caller ID said it was her MOM !!! And the call was from Viber. Meanwhile I called her direct so that was so weird, now I know there are fake caller Id apps out there but I didn’t use one … lololol…
And the conversation was the sweetest conversation she’s ever had with me In 3 months she laughed a lot even when I asked her out for coffee she was laughing. But neither said yes or a no. The conversation ended well.

I quickly thanked dantalion and other spirits in my heart and after which I thought of all this. I’m sure the duke had something to do with this conversation going well.

Do you think I have to follow the no contact rule after doing these meditations or I can keep pursuing her ?? I want to send her flowers on Monday after finishing the spells. And say something g sweet like “let’s heal and rebuild again” our tag line during the relationship was we are “building something” … cheesy I know.

Hoping to get some occult advises aswell as advises from Girls on how to approach this situation. Because I believe the spirits will only help when I put my full effort into the situation in the physical world… and I want to do every thing right.

Please help.

Also what’s with all the YouTube videos on tarot telling me there’s a chance for reconciliation here !!! Lol


I really, really like this sentiment. Hope you don’t
mind if I use it on my own thread?

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What’s the fine line between lusting after your spells versus you pursuing the target in the physical realm. I know the spirits will work their magic as we go, but am I not supposed to take actions on my end ?? As in stay in touch with the person and contact her? Is it mandatory to follow the no contact rule ?? I’m not saying stalking on social media or anything … I am talking about actively approaching the target and trying to romantacize them and such things

I mean I’m sure the spirits expect me to take action on my end aswell correct ??

You are going thru a lot of changes for a girl who can’t even commit to a coffee date with you? She is your ex for a reason. You are out here moving mountains while she can’t be bothered to take your phone calls?

Sounds mismatched. Why does not she make any effort?

You will be stuck with her low efforts for 50+ years if you marry this chick.

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Appreciate your feedback, with all due respect you don’t know the full details of my situation so you don’t really know why she may not be able to commit to even a cup of coffee.

I am on here to make her low efforts go full force and give her the extra push she might need to give our situation some momentum.

If you have anything to comment my rituals please feel free.