Full moon ritual beginn

Hello to all from Germany.
You know that today is full moon at 13:56.
My question is if I make a love ritual should make ichbes at 13:56 or 22 Clock.
Please helph

From my point of view, it depends very much on the purpose of the ritual. If you do the ritual after a full moon, the powers work a little differently. I personally plan full moon rituals to go as close as possible to the full moon, but before it. The power of the moon is growing in that moment and helping us to attract what we want. It also depends very much on what sign the moon is. Now it is a sign of fish that is very much associated with emotions, sensitivity, spirituality and divinities.


ok so I start now at 1h before and do not need to wait for 22:00 clock.
Do I understand that right, right?
what spells do you say because of a partner return or dear

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The energy of the full moon is in play for 3 days. Day before, day of, day after. That being said, I prefer to favor the peak of the experience as well. I suppose this technicality depends on the standards of the system & current in which you work.

The moon gets mentioned to me again ! I had 2 hours ago a vision in which I saw the moon and a star and the universe.