Full Moon multiple rituals part 2

So as promised here are the multiple I have performed on the last night of the Full Moon:

Ritual 1. Qigong and meditation: I perfomed this ritual straight after a cleansing shower. I used the Zhan Zhang posture (Standing on Stake). Prior to getting in to this posture I asked Lucifer “Lucifer I would be honoured if you would join me in my rituals tonight. Let our energies bond together so they become one.” After this I began the with some warm up exercises, I proceeded to hold the Zhan Zhang posture. I began to use abdominal breathing and kept my eyes open as I gazed into the mirror on the wall. As I did this I could see my aura had grown considerably and was moving when I gazed upon it. I knew this was Lucifer as I felt a gentle breeze on my arms and neck. I held this posture for 3 minutes. Both of those experiences continued until it was time to go into seated meditation. I closed the standing meditation.

I began my seated meditation and I rested my arms on my knees with my palms facing up. Using abdominal breathing I felt the energy was very abundant and warm. I could feel my energy rise up out of my palms like flames dancing in a fire. I meditated for at least 4 minutes 30 seconds. I closed up the seated meditation and the entire ritual.
A unique meditation ritual

Ritual 2. The 2nd ritual I performed was a simple abundance spell which I created an Abundance Shaker Jar. Here is how I created this:

1 Jar
A piece of paper for writing your petition.
Matches or lighter
Sage or incense
Green Adventurine Chips (Prosperity/Abundance)
Dried Corn (Prosperity/Abundance/Success)
Rice (Prosperity/Abundance of money and food)
Alfalfa (Financial Prosperity) or Bay Leaves (which I used)

• First I cleansed the jar with Sage which included the lid. I also cleansed the Green Aventurine Crystal chips with Sage.

• I took the jar in my hands and charged it with my energy and intent and I said the following incantation:
“I activate this jar by charging it with energy and intent so it may aid me in my working to help attract prosperity, abundance and success.”

• Next I wrote my petition out and my desire I wanted from my petition. Once I had wrote it out, I turned the petition 90 degress clockwise and signed my name 3 times across it. I turned the petition 90 degrees clockwise and folded it towards me. I repeated this process until I couldn’t fold the petition any more.

• Next I took the Green Adventurine crystal chips and placed them in my hand and charged it with my energy and intent. I said the following as I did this:
“I charge these Green Adventurine Crystal Chips with mh energy and intent to aid me in my working to attract abundance and prosperity. May it help me to experience abundance and prosperity in any area of my life.”

I added the Green Adventurine Crystal Chips to the jar.

• Next I took the herbal mixture and said this incantation:
“I call upon this energy of these herbs, the corn, the rice and the bay leaves to assist me in this working so their energies can help manifest the energy of prosperity, abundance and success to give me the experience of receiving this in my life and the areas of where I need it. Thank you. So Mote it be.”

I added the herbal mixture to the jar.

• Next I charged my petition with my energy and intent and said:
“I call up on the energy of this petition to assist me in this working to attract abundance, prosperity and success into my life. Lucifer you have helped me during this working. Please continue to help me manifest so that I receive the help I need in my life and that I can see it physically manifest to help improve my life. Thank you Lucifer. So it is done.”

Ritual 3. Now I also had I an Abundance Jar that was on my altar. I decided to create some sigils for both my Abundance Jar and my Abundance Shaker Jar.

• Fisrtly I created a sigil for each of the jars. Using Saturn’s Planetary Grid.
Sigil for Abundance Jar

Shaker Jar sigil

• Next I drew a protection sigil from a phrase I created, “Protection ward for abundance jar and shaker jar workings.”

• Next I drew a sigil protection grid which incorporated both the Abundance Jar and Shaker Jar sigils. I charged the Protection Sigil with Sage to help with protection.

• Next I took a white candle (for protection) and inscribed a protection rune and a warding sigil into it. I cleansed this with Sage prior to this.

The protection rune

The Warding Sigil.

• I placed the Protection Sigil on my altar and the jars on their respective sigils. I placed the white candle in the bowl on the Protection/Warding Sigil.

Ritual 4. Consecration of Altar Tools: This Consecreation Ritual was taken off BALG Forum and was created Connor Kendall.

I placed each of the Altar tools in my hand and said the following incantation:
"By the forces that be, hear me.
By the forces of Eternity come to me.
By the powers of magick may the powers be channelled through me.
May the Ancient Dark Gods surround me.
May darkness aid me.
May the powers flow through the Infernal Empire choose me as a conduit of it’s power.

I am creator and consumer of my world.
I am the macrocosim and the microcosim.
May the Dragon of the Nightside bless this (Athame/Altar Bell/Cauldron/Offering Bowl) with your power and might.
May the powers of the left hand, the lady of the dark empower this (Athame/Altar Bell/Cauldron/Offering Bowl)

I call the forces present send forth your blessing and power to enliven this (Athame/Altar Bell/Cauldron/Offering Bowl) and awaken your powers within it so shall be used in the path I walk, the path of power upon the left hand road into the darkness."

NOTE: You have to say the above incantation separately for each of the tools you want to consecrate.

Well folks that has been my magickal evening/night and I enjoyed performing each ritual and sharing it with you awesome people. Enjoy :sunglasses::metal: