A unique meditation ritual

Hey there all you amazing and magickal people…I would like to share one of my evening rituals with you.

I perform a qigong ritual (Standing on Stake) which I use to create energy to help sustain my life force, balance my mind and help open up my mind amongst othere things. I perform a light warm up to get the blood circulating and my limbs loose and warm. Before I stand in the “Standing on Stake” posture I ask Lucifer to bond with my energy. I stand in front of a mirtor with my eyes open and begin the qigong ritual using abdominal breathing.
This is how to perform abdominal breathing:

  1. This is done by resting the tongue on the upper palate, behind the teeth to first create a connection with the yin and yang energies. It also stops you ftom getting dehydrated as it activates you saliva glands to kerp your mouth moist.

  2. You breathe in and out through your nose. As you breathe in push your abdomen out and when you breathe out pull in your abdomen.

  3. Gaze at the mirror (like you would gaze at a sigil) at your reflection and you should see your aura grow or even vibrate and you might catch the spirit you have asked to join you in your ritual, it’s aura melding with yours. Perform the standing posture for as long as it feels comfortable for you. Close the posture by breathing in as you raise your hands to your side and then up above your head then push your palms down towards your abdomen. Do this for 3 repeitions. This helps stores the energy you have created temporarily.

  4. When you perform the seated meditation always perform it at a time and a half ratio to the standing posture. Close the seated meditation in the way as the standing posture. Closing the seated meditation helps you to store the energy you have created permenantly.

  5. Then stand and rub your palms vigourously until they are very warm. Then rub down your face, back of your head, front of your body and where you can reach on your back, inside and outside of legs. Rub 3 times on each section of of your body. )This will help close the meridians and pressure points that become open during the ritual) Next pat down the above body parts also 3 times (This helps disperse any chi that may still be present to prevent it from stagnating).

I do this everyday and you can perform with the diety you are working with and ask them if they would like to join you. I find this another great way of bonding with them.

Let me know what your experiences are from doing this as it would be great to discuss.


Do you mind explaining what your standing and seated postures are? I assume your not just standing like your in line at walmart and not sitting indian style?

I’d like to give this a whirl.

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The standing posture (Standing on Stake) is as follows:

  1. Place your feet shoulder width apart. Tilt yoour pelvis slightly upwards and allow your hips to sink gently as if you were sat on a very high stool. Ensure that your spine is straight and not curved. Your head must be upright and your eyes looking forward (this helps maintain a straight spine from the top).

  2. Place your arms about mid-chest height and out in front of you. Imagine you are holding a giant beach ball in both of your hands. Open up your fingers and thumbs and imagine you have marbles in between them. Your elbows should be allowed to drop a little so they are resting on two giant imaginary cushions. In your arm pits imagine you have two small beach beach balls there. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and not too high or low as this will cause tension. Now you are ready to begin.

The seated posture can be any posture you are comfortable in. This can be just sitted cross legged or an half lotus. This I will leave up to you.
Good luck with the ritual and enjoy the creation of energy :metal:

P.S. hers is a link to help you visualise this https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://scottjeffrey.com/zhan-zhuang/&ved=2ahUKEwiXq8P6-OnpAhXRuHEKHaDVADMQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw01Dp1cz8CsDrBLwyaYLLv8


Thanks I’m definitely gonna do the posture change for when I do mirror work, I haven’t really gotten to seeing the aura much in the mirror lately I’ve just been seeing other forms appear over mine but there like invisible I only see them ass my image fades away I used to see myself change shape and colors, gotta get Ina routine. Anyways yea just posting to say thanx for sharing.

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You are welcome. The thing is to let it happen naturally and try not force these changes or experiences. When they happen acknowledge them but stay in the here and now. Wirte in your journal to document your experience and to fine tune anything that’s need it. Good luck. I am always happy to share my knowledge and experiences with you and the awesome peeps on this amazing forum :metal:


So yea what form of pathworking would you recommend I’m just feeling confused a bit about the one from the BALG book. Sorry to ask a question out of forum topic just sorta think you’d have a good perspective for my needs considering your love for Lucifer and from what I’ve seen willingness to help other out along there path to contentment.

Personally go with what you feels right to you. I went with Lucifer as he is very good to work with when you are a beginner as I am still that. It is important to build up a good relationship and really get to know the spirit you are working with. King Paimon and Dantallion are also been recommended for beginners. If you feel drawn to a particular spirit or if you get a calling from one go with it. Try to identify subtle energetic changes in your environment and listen to your higher self and see what it has to say as this could give you some insight into your path working. Importanyly, enjoy every second on your journey as you evlove over time.

Thanks I definitely know which spirits I mainly want to work with I’m just having trouble on how to percieve there Influence my sense to identify or recognize the energy in an area is rather poor but I have noticed befor being energized from Lucifer. Do you do any imparticular meditation practice for bonding with him you think would help? Like when I do the pulling in white and yellow light I picture the yellow part coming from him. I guess just saying pathworking wasn’t exactly how I wanted to say it sorry bout that. I have also taken to considering the solar Plex chakra as linked to him as told it was his from a super awesome website someone shared with me. It says how it catches the nectar from your 3rd eye, I offered him in sybolism and imagining a few small glasses of it once and was really confused when he broke the cup each time until I remebered that nobility break the vessels they drink or eat from so no lesser can use them after them. I have trouble imaging him still just because I think so much of him. Was told he was the most beautiful angel so it makes it hard for me to percieve and image he would send.

I have deepened my bond Lucifer through a ritual I found on here were I made a blood offering to hime and traced it over his sigil. This means I can talk to him and hear his voice in my mind without having to invoke him. E. A. Koetting has posted a video on youtube of a meditation ritual called “Dropping the Mind” which is part of his Baal course this could help you with some mental clarity. When performing meditation try not to “force” the effects you desire, let them happen natuarlly. If you get thoughts into your mind while meditating, let them come and go and do not dwell on them.


Excellent meditation ritual. Thank you for sharing. I will bookmark this.

You are most welcome. Here is a link to help you with the visualisation and to give you some more information.

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Very cool, I’ll come back and update after I try this.

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Yes let me know how it works out for you

Thank you @Ja50nHack1975 eventually I plan on doing the blood idea but I’ll check out this dropping the mind technique you mentioned. Thank for taking the time to respond and help out.

Anytime my friend. We are all here to help each other, despite walking our magickal paths alone you are never far away from one of your magickal brothers or sisters :metal:

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