Fucked up big time.. Calling lucifer, belial, kali, and shiva into my life. My twin flame and i met and she cursed me

I was on a total right handed path of love and being good to people as an empath. I was tired of being taken advantage of.
So I decided i wanted to work with Belial and lucifer whom i have known since i was a child.

In my bullheadedness and spiritual ego, thinking i was quite enlightened at the time I asked them to help me ascend and overcome my shadow.

My life has been turned upside down.

My uncle came after me, hes trying to get me to go to prison for super old shit back when i was all fucked on drugs.

Ive fucked up multiple times too. Calling shiva, Kali, Ganesh and multiple entities into my life to help me ascend.
And i fucked up big time.
Doing this right before i came into a high vibe town. It seems like many people are psychically attacking me.

Additionally my uncle did conversational hypnosis on me and put an impant of dark energy into me.

My fears are being put directly in front of me.
Since then my uncle has manifested around me in conversations and other shit.

Can anyone provide some insight?
I asked belial and lucifer to help me be kind, to ascend, choose love and confidence in myself no matter what. Used to working with angels I thought i understood what this meant.
Now i feel im in a world of shit.
I feel socially ostracized, questioning even if my family loves me.

Additionally ive been feeling ill and im told my kidneys arent able to keep up with this change.

Im seeing symbols of death all around me.
“Sorry” says someone around me.

Can someone please provide some guidance or information as to what i should do?
Homeless, jobless, living in my car and almost broke.

I fucked up because i asked “help me ascend no matter what”
BUT on the upside. I asked the angels to help me with this pact and stop me from being harmed too much by this.
But at the same time i feel cut off from guidance.
Even my own intuition feels fucked.

Good things i did: read into belial and lucifer.
Im figuring out the puzzle.

Other bad things i did: chanted a ka dua and asked for wisdom and godhood. Even though a little voice in my head told me not to. I kept going despite this little voice in my head multiple times.

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You may have a spirit attachment. This may help:

If you need physical protection, I recommend petitioning a spirit. Durga came to mind as a read your post so maybe go for her.

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Actually one of the girls that cursed me had a tattoo of durga.

You didn’t fuck up.

The RHP isn’t all about love and being or doing good.

Neither is the LHP.

The LHP is like a faster track through ascension, BUT it has a steeper learning curve.

The entities you called on are showing you what’s wrong in your life, what needs to change within you, and what cannot stand.

You didn’t do anything wrong. That’s Yahweh’s BS poisonous conditioning talking. In other words, that’s the old conditioning from society talking.

Learn to control the only thing you can control - your vibration. Keep trucking on. It will get better at some point, but you have to do the inner work. You have to get strong mentally, in spirit, and in body. So focus on that, and ignore the shit. If anyone gives you shit, destroy them.


Durga destroys negative obstacles and entities. Pray to her and ask her for help. Also work with Sehkmet for empowerment during difficult situations.

Get that curse off you ASAP.

You want to ascend? Damnation is the first real step afaic. Talk to Azazel and Lucifer.

You want to make life a bit easier on yourself. Don’t look for trouble. :wink: Learn to control your vibration and stay in your own lane.

Ignore the little voice and trust your feeling. Don’t do anything that feels bad to you. Learn to change your perceptions.

Read Abraham Hicks - they are pure gold.

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Through a series of conversations in which my uncle used conversational hypnotism on me, he transmitted some unbearable shit into my life.
Im not sure i can go on. At this point personal choice feels like its gone.

Every negative thought I have is followed by a banging sound around me, or someones phone ringing, a bell chiming signaling manifestation.
Hes using my own manifestation abjlities against me.

Ahd he told me that this would happen too. He said that when i start thinking i have personal choice and to keep fighting, id find momentary peace and then things would keep getting worse.

He said id become a social pariah. Now people around me are acting so fucking weird.

My body is filled with many different tingling sensations associated with thoughts.
Additionally, light energy and love makes me feel depressed.

Even the psychics around me all seem in on it.

He was very intimidated to meet someone else with manifestation capabilities. And he didnt like that i didnt bow to him.

Talk to Azazel.

He has a nether who can help you with the hypnotic crap.

Also talk to Andrealphus who can dissolve the same magick that your uncle used on you, plus other baneful workings done by other people.

Make a pact with either one.

But with Azazel, you can make a pact so that his nether will identify exactly what fuckery was done to you and then replace it all with healthier programming. Azazel can also help you raise your vibration, and basically help you to recover. But you have to be willing to work with him, to feel deserving of the improvement and of his time and commitment to you, and you gotta spend time with him for this to work.

Cut your uncle out of your life. If you feel worthy enough, destroy the bastard. He seems like a weakling to me.

I see no mention of andrealphus having powers over dissolving baneful curses, could you provide a link to this information?
Additionally with azazel if one feels incredibly weak in personal choice already will he be able to dissolve these programs in order to give me more healthy programming?
How about the consequences of Azazel, after all it says that he maketh man evil.

Bad has become good for me.
Good has become bad.
Light has become dark.
Love feels bad. Peace doesn’t feel right.
Nothing feels right.
My thoughts manifest outside of me. What am i to do but resist? For even the resistance feels problematic.

Belial is showing me it all but it feels impossible t overcome.

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My apologies. I will do so now.

it is not yahweh s poison it is religious dogma from the church El was worshipped in Egypt and Greece withouth church manipulation

Yahweh is a parasite. He is not El.

I know because of all the shit I went through with Yahweh. It took a council of Old Ones to finally rid me of Yahweh.

Most info out there about Yahweh is based on lies anyway. It’s what he does.

Take a look in S. Connolly’s Daemonolatry Goetia book for Andrealphus’ powers. Also, I didn’t say he could dissolve curses - I said he could dissolve baneful workings. So that could mean things like manipulation, influences, residual energies and impressions, and other types of baneful workings. I haven’t tried to dissolve a curse with him yet.

Andrealphus can be invoked to help dissolve magick or bring a situation to a close.

Connolly, S… Daemonolatry Goetia (p. 113). DB Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Yes he has a Nether for that type of thing.

No, he doesn’t make them evil.

You’ll need to be very discerning when dealing with information about spirits if you’re going to make it on this path.

Might be the case I used words like agla el eheyeh

If yhwh is saturn the he is the lord of evil who litrerly created the earth which is a strange story.

So personal opinion after reading this is a use of a self imposed jinx triggered through fear.
Essentially you end up literally kicking your own ass. It is a pretty standard low level method of cursing. Would recommend a heavy duty uncrossing ritual (7-13+days) and gettin away from the toxic people. Haven’t read everything here but this is my first impression.

You can find details on uncrossing rituals both here by searching the forum and easily enough online.