Fruits and Neutralizing Chakras

Is there any relations between fruits, such as apple and orange, and the health of chakras?
Is there any evidence or even a possibility that fruits can neutralize, heal and fix chakras?

I’m not talking about vegans or a strict diet that includes only fruits, it’s about treating fruits as a medicine for healing and neutralizing chakras that are fired up and overcharged.

Feel free to share your thoughts…

My advice would be to look into the practice of Ayurveda, which is the Indian equivalent to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and like TCM, it discusses using food and herbs to heal the body and effect the energetic system.


Similarly in qigong,colors and flavours correspond to different meridians and organs. To nourish the qi in a given organ you would eat the foods that match.

Fruit is sweet and yin, they will increase your yin qi.

Edit: no idea why the Orisha snuck in at the bottom of that, I grabbed a decent-looking reference, but that’s a new one on me. :woman_shrugging: I would also have pedded Orisha Oshun as Joy/Love and hence Fire, not water just because she’s the “goddess of sweet waters”. But I would not mix these systems. ]