hi every one
my name is homayoon , i am from iran
i am very happy to be here
i am very new with this , i hope i can make a progress with your help

i am wondering what is my starting point ? where should i start?


You’ve already take the first step by coming here so congrats! this is a pretty nice forum with a lot of helpful people. You can use the search feature in the corner to look up anything you can think of. If not just make a post and ask.



What type of practice are you interested in? First and foremost though id suggest meditation, a journal (book of shadows) to write down what you learn/experience/ritual/etc, and like above the search bar haha one of the greatest tools of the 21st century. Also welcome!!


Welcome to the forum.

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Hello, about LHP did you read this Black Magick Manifesto | Timothy | Become A Living God ? :slight_smile:

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Hello. Welcome to the forum.


actually i don’t know really … i know i love power but more than that i love knowledge … i am very curious

but there is some thing about lilith … i dont know what it is … is it the name ? i don’t know … but in attracts me so badly … the first time i read about her it is in my mind since

you know lilith is not known in my country that’s because i am new in knowing her

thank you very much

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Hi, welcome! You can look in the search area :mag: up in the top right hand corner and type in Lilith, read all the threads and should be lots of conversation.

Also a lot of videos on youtube might give you insight.

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i am looking into it … thanks

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great … thank you

if any of you guy have any pdf books that are in my level (i mean lever zero) , i can really use it … because i can’t buy any thing from the internet since i am in iran and i can not transfer money internationally

Welcome to the forums. There is a wealth of information here so I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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@homan_fhrvnd starting out simple is good, and with all things starting simple and moving up with complexity. Gallery of Magick books are a great way to start and not too expensive, most in the range of $10-$30 USD. Although i don’t know about the legality of the pdf, but google search for the miracle of the new avatar power, prices those are great beginner books to kind of get into a habit of practice, a copy of the book can get up to $40+ but there are rituals in there to obtain more wealth so you can buy a hard copy :slight_smile: reading through these books cover to cover is also highly suggested

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About PDFs here’s 2 links: Esoteric Magical E-Books Library Main Menu and, politics aside, look especially for satanic witchcraft and power meditations at Satan's PDF Library in English .

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