Friends with Benefits IV: Son of Friends with Benefits

Let us start!!/


Hello everyone! I decided to restart the Fwb because of the inspiration of necromaster’s call to arms thread. Let us get started with setting up the groups and people who want requests.

I would like to thank redcircle for providing the awesome template and giving me tips for starting this thread!

NOTE: Copied from redcircle’s fwb III thread:

First, you sign up by posting in this thread your interest, and then private messaging me your goal. I will work with you to ensure your goal is focused enough that it is suitable for evocation or other rituals.

Next, you will use the time leading up to the workings to make yourself ready. In addition to any personal preparations you may make (getting your ritual space ready, consecrating your altar, evoking a guiding/guardian spirit, etc.), you will also perform the Death of the Old Self ritual. The purpose for most of you in joining a group working like this is to better yourself, so it is appropriate to start your workings with this ritual as your catalyst:

Then, everyone who signs up will have an assigned number posted and know what days they will receive the focus and benefit of the ritual effort of all the others - on those days the target does nothing except just receive. Everyone else will work for the benefit of that member to increase finances (or health, love, etc.); whatever is requested. Each member will list what they would like the others to work on toward their behalf. This is a diverse group, so keep that in mind when making your request to get maximum benefit - while a request of improved finances is relatively benign and most would be happy to help with, a request of death to your enemies might have less takers (and it denies you the satisfaction of doing that job yourself).

Those working will use the spirit connection as they see fit - this is a group of individuals working for mutual benefit, rather than a group ritual per se. So know that each of you may have demons, angels, candle magic, and other media working in your direction. If this makes you uncomfortable, either air your concerns here, or build another more focused group yourself.

It will then be posted the number/days, name, and the objective desired and post here for all to see. This thread will also be used as a discussion forum for the results received - so the thread should also serve as an interesting showing of the efficacy of multiple intents focused on a singular goal.

There were good and interesting results in the past, with the members of a group such as this one all working to one purpose.

If you want in on this, private message me your name and your desired object/outcome. Once I have the list, I will perform a triage and then randomization of the list to determine our schedule and directives. I’m aiming for about 10 people on this list, to do a month worth of workings and give everyone two to three days or so for each working. If we can get the list together in time, I’m aiming for January.

Remember, while this could be a huge boon to you in terms of what you receive, the real benefit will come in the gains of performing so many workings in a directed and structured way. You will gain the most benefit from this by doing the workings - receiving the boon on your scheduled day(s) is merely the added bonus.

If you don’t intend (or don’t think you are able) to do the vast majority of the workings, you should probably wait for a project that you can commit to.

I recommend you guys go and read the previous threads to get a feel of what this is about.

Bring in the requests!


We have now 10 requests! Once again, the deadline is December 26!


We now have 12 requests!

MichaelSmith [Request Confirmed]
TheLotusEater [Request Confirmed]
Bodomite [Request Confirmed]
Seeker [Request Confirmed]
Calmbeforestorm [Request Confirmed]
DarkestKnight [Request Confirmed]
Omnipresent [Request Confirmed]
Celena [Request Confirmed]
Musta_Krackish [Request Confirmed]
EpicGnome [Request Confirmed]
Brutus [Request Confirmed]
Orismen [Request Confirmed]
Cogitation [Request Confirmed]
Vergil [Request Confirmed]
DarthMordus [Request Confirmed] Immediate actions taken
custer [Request Confirmed]
Dellamage [Request Confirmed]
Trucomallica [Request Confirmed]

I am very interested in this but at the moment I am unable to fully materialize/see spirits and am limited to sigils (with results though) I hope this won’t be problematic. I’m working on my senses every day and if I can see spirits by the time this rolls around I’ll pick wealth. If I don’t meet the deadline I’ll pick enhancement of my senses. Excited to see this thread develop and to help others as well, seems like a great learning experience for everyone involved.

It is ok. If you put some effort into it, it can still cause effects. It is definitely not problematic. Only work with what you know.

Send in both requests in pm to me so that way, when the deadline comes, you will be able to decide on the spot.


Money would be my request, not through the methods I am already pursuing(which would be my last check from jobcorp, immediately followed by me getting a job). I don’t care how it gets here, so long as my immediate family stays alive, and doesn’t get me in jail.

So far we have three (I assume Orismen is going to participate) participants. Once we have our groups which I hope we have more than enough for two, then we can start. If they don’t hit the deadline by the 26th of december, then they can jump on the next boat.

Yup, I am going to read more about this at work so I know exactly what I need to do and ask for.

Awesome. So now I know, officially we have three.

Ive been looking forward to one of these for awhile, count me in! Ill go with wealth as well, as material gain seems to be what I need assistance with the most.


yeah I’ll get in on this.

Five so far

What the hell, I’m in.


Make it 7!


To win my upcoming court case would be my req.

I can break out my Belial sigil, which means I will cut for you Bodomite.

I had an extra request from my cousin’s best friend. She wants her friend (who is male) to get dumped by his girlfriend. She is a gold digger. She wants her to dump him hard, but need some kind of mind manipulation or possession for it to happen in the most humiliating way possible. I could give the name of the girl who will be dumping the boy if anyone would like to help on this one.