Friends Girlfriend Needs Help

Okay so my friends girlfriend has been having issues as of late sleeping. It’s cause she has angry spirits that show up rarely. However it’s gotten worse. My friend got his car broken into and his shit stolen. Inside his backpack was the following books: the black magic of Ahriman, the devils Quran, Demogorgon. Well they found those books on the highway and tried to fix them. Well supposedly ever since they came into her house she has had to deal with shadows and hands coming from her closet to get her. Would there be a chance these books might cause this? I was told they weren’t cursed or anything

Try burning what you have left of the books

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Depending on who owned the books before and what they were doing, it could very well be a sympathetic link to whatever it is they invoked. I would advise to burn the books as said above.

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My friend owns them; they were thrown out of the car of the thief who stole his stuff. He loved those books and cherished them; his girlfriend even tried to fix them despite water damage. The black magic book turned out to be unharmed though. I’ll let him know


They were stolen and he got them back, why burn them?

If they were at the side of the highway, were they thrown out by the thieves soon after the robbery?

I mean obviously safety first but I think your friend could end up seeing money and great books go up in flames here. :thinking:

Did she have anything like this before the books were stolen, or before she came across them when they were previously his?

I’m thinking a ritual to explian to the book they are back with their rightful owner then the old tinfoil/metal tin might do the trick?


Yeah the thieves threw the books out. What’s the Ritual with the tin foil? Also thanks very much

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Well, I use tinfoil or a sealed metal tin to stop things becoming accidental portals, things like Tarot cards, books, other devices that are some kind of interface with “the spirit world” to use a hokey expression, I store inside metal. Tinfoil is very convenient and cheap, metal tins that seal nicely also work well.

I do a lot of weird shit and it just makes sense, it doesn’t mean you’re paranoid if you lock your front door at night.

In the case of hauntings or unwanted poltergeist stuff, anything like that, wrapping everything in metal foil/putting it in a tin is the first thing I recommend.

It’s possible the energies from the books got disturbed by the theft and need to be reassured and placated, so taking them outside, ideally placing them on grass or bare soil, offering them a drink (one for each tome) and maybe some tobacco or incense, ring a bell if he has one, and assure them the theft is over and they’re back under his hand.

Treat the books themselves like high-spirited racehorses that got spooked and need to be calmed, taken out in nature a bit and shown things are back as they should be. I find spirits of objects in general respond well to being treated like this.

He may be able to feel an energy shift take place, and then bring them back inside after ideally a couple of hours outdoors (unless he really can’t do that for fear of more thefts and whatever, or weather, or slugs), wrap them in foil/put them in a tin, and then see how things go.

This is what I’d do in this situation. If he can offer a little cup of beer or spirits, once the books have been on the ground a while, pour that just in front of each one, and state (aloud or in his mind) “I offer you (book’s name) this drink to mark your safe homecoming.”

Objects have kind of an aura and pouring the drink near the book will allow it to pass through as it becomes “expended” - I mean, passes the point where anyone else could have it.

Norse shrines consisting of rocks used to be given offerings of blood and alcohol by having it poured on or near them and I think that may have been for the same reason - with a drink the true sacrifice comes when you willingly give it so that it can’t be recovered. At that point it becomes “killed” and its purpose as a drink is lost, equivalent to sacrificing a living being.

Don’t give the books blood, though, they’re already probably a bit spooked and acting up, they need to calm down a bit. If he’s a stoner, blowing some smoke over them would probably help, anything calming like that.

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