Fridges usually make up roughly 600KW/year. (in Single and small Family households) Except this one

Dear Balg,
and all families,
friends and associates of Balg Members:

One of the Major main Energy consumption tools in our current form of civilisation,
is cooling.

Especially where complete Households and Economies depend on it.

In this example,
we see one version,
one form,
of cooling with evaporative cooling.

That technique,
doesn’t require ANY Electricity,
and can be used pretty much in any Country.

you’d want to build it under the earth,
to use the natural Earth element Isolation effects,
since some under earth cooling facilities,
don’t even require the evaporative cooling mechanism,
it’s a proven system,
used for many hundred years.

And it’s potentially saving a huge bunch of your electricity bill,
even in economies where we do need and use Electricity.

I’m not talking theory here either.

This is practical,
and can be produced with relatively little effort,
to last basically forever,
once it’s built.




I mean, modern fridges don’t actually consume that much. There are so many more sources of big energy consumption.

Cool idea though, good for an off-the-grid/post-apocalyptic scenario.

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Well, yes.

And, when you look at the actual techniques,
even Energy Saving fridges do consume a whole bunch of Electricity.

However, for Campaing,
for people really not having access to first world western quality of products…

That can indeed make an impact!

Also look into Solar Ofens,

There’s various forms of building and using these.

And under certain conditions,
they can prove extremely useful.

I’ve seen Solar Oven burn Point measurement go well over 600°,
when set up correctly,
you can melt ore’s with it,
and use it to smith / Transmute elements,
you couldn’t do with regular heat sources aviavable for cooking.


Also note,
how he uses all that beautiful Power tools,
to hone down the Covering layors of Paint,
when all he had to do,
is instead of removing them,
add one more thick layor,
made of Chrome Color Spray.
Does the same job,
just isn’t as much fun as he had here. xD

Ups, ok, yaah he’s aware of that too. :smiley:

With a little advanced technique,
it can just as easily be used to create Energy,
however, i didn’t want to go such deeply into detail. :wink:




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