Freya and cats came to me in my dream?

Hi y’all,

Going to keep this short and sweet . I have never worked with Nordic gods before , only Goetic spirits. I did have this dream today cats were scratching my legs/ankles and said her name was Freya. This is a little odd to me since I know almost 0 about Nordic gods . How do you go on evocations of her ? Or does anyone know more about her ?


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Freya appeared to me with Odin and Frey like this, in dream but in my astral grove.
I gained the ability for devotion fairly recently and she’s been teaching me about that, and about deepening my practice of Nordic witchcraft.

Gods don’t need sigils and shes already waiting for you, so you can just call her by name. Any technique you like that works with entities will work with her.
However her preferred method it to go out into nature and “seethe”, aka perform “utiseta”, which means just sit quietly with yourself with intention to receive and commune.

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Cool, i woke up feeling the cats scratching on my ankles still. One was a big cat and the other two were still on the ankles then she just stated her name . It was rather touching . I’ll try to meditate and call her out today . Any tips ?

Thanks a ton!

Just preparatory immersion. Read about Freya from reputable authors, learn about her history and affiliations.
As well as the video above, her other videos mention Freya.
I also like youtuber Arith Härger

Jackson Crawford is another good source of pure myths without impression as he is a professor of Nordic Mythos.
You can find his channel here.

Also, she likes to toy in my experience. Might be one of the reasons outside the myths that she and Loki bumped heads.

I don’t follow Asbjörn Torvol’s invocation in Heathen to the letter, But if you want a specific galdr, then a variation of this should suffice:

Hail Freya,
Goddess of Beauty and Love,
Ruler of Fölkvangr and Lady of the Slain,
I call upon you here and now
to join me and grace me with your presence,
Hail Freya.

Chant 9 times for the 9 realms.

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