Frequent Masturbation Could Interfere My Third Eye Development?

Hi there I just wanted to know if consistent orgasm like pretty extensive could interfere my third eye chakra development?

This one is so controversial it’s hilariously stupid. There’s pretty much three positions, they are pretty much opposites and man we have hashed and rehashed what it’s best.

Look in the search bar for: no fap, masturbation, sexual energy etc.

I can’t think of most of the titles, but we have this question probably more than any other and it’s not really something anyone can answer for anyone else.

There’s valid proof that to save it works, valid proof to expel it regular works, valid proof you can take a middle road and still be a healthy, happy prosperous magician that can manifest when they want to.

I recommend tapping into your intuition, by thinking about it and what you know about it, how the different ways would toll on your life and making a decision based on what feels right to my, your life and what you’re doing with it.

When you read some threads about it, which way sounds right to you? Which way feels right to you?

If tight constraints and no masturbation don’t work for you they don’t necessarily have to. Your path can be what your path is.

I really think the entire thing got exaggerated from a need to instill humans with self control and self discipline. If you can control your urges and say no when you should- then you are probably okay with what you are doing.

If every time you see a tit, you need to masturbate then you need to work on your self control. It’s the same as the dopamine jolts from checking social media, or getting high or smoking a cigarette.

If you can say no when you need to, when you can’t be high cuz you’re at a funeral or can’t quit smoking till payday when you’re broke- them you need to work on self discipline.

If you can, carry on and live life. Imop! :blush:

I think it doesn’t interfere with your energy body development. It gives of a decent amount of energy that you then have to replace, but that’s doable.

You might have issues as you advance, if you’re doing it because of dopamine addiction, because that could make it harder for you to put in longer meditation sessions without being too distracted to finish them, especially when working on the lower energy centers. You can get also turned on during meditation and you have to ignore it to get the work in, or transmute it and all that, but if that’s not an issue then do what you want.


Nope. Contrary to the denial aesthetic lifestyle of “No Fap,” the energy of orgasm can actually help in the development of your third eye. That’s what is done in sex magick practice, for example.