Free will

Just a thought here and I know it will cause a lot of discussion but isn’t one of the reasons we start doing this is to override what happens in our lives by chance and in some cases to over ride free will.

By banishing someone to another place aren’t we overriding their free will to stay in the place they are?

I can see both points of view. If you love someone but they are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love them but they stay because of a child and their partner will not let them contact you or has even told lies to the person to the point they hate you, shouldn’t you be able to use magik to get them to talk to you? I am in exactly that situation.

I was in love with Kelley and she with me, things were tough for her son because of her separation from his father and a few other reasons and she decided it was best to go back.

To a man who won’t marry her, doesn’t want any more children and told her he thought she got pregnant so he would stay with her.

Oh and he felt up her best friend in a taxi with her there as well. Started dating within a week of their separation. Creep.

We kept in touch but it got less and less because she couldn’t risk him finding out. Her last email to me said she still loved me.

Almost 4 years to the day in Feb 2014 I got a call from her saying not to contact her from various emails and under different names and never to contact her again. A couple of years ago I found out her number and texted her to which she replied don’t contact me again I hate you etc etc.

This was after bumping into her in a store and asking what happened to which she replied “well” and walked out. I put a letter in her mailbox asking her to talk a year ago and was warned not to contact her again.

Yes I could move on and I have tried. I see her car parked somewhere and I still have those feelings. I hear a song and I think of her. I have never met anyone I fitted with so perfectly like I did with her and she said the same of me. Who knows what he told her. I know if we start talking that we would still be like we were.

If she contacted me (which is what would have to happen with me being warned off) and she had left him I know we would be as deeply in love as we were or more.

So why not? Why shouldn’t I use magik to override her will and get her to leave him and call me to talk. I fixed any issues which caused problems for us in the past.

That’s all I need, help to get her to leave him and call me so we can go and have coffee. Or even just call me to go and have coffee. One small thing.

Oh and suggestions on best entities for this and anyone who had success and the time frame needed would be greatly appreciated too.


If you use magick and use rituals - you own the consequences.

Overriding freewill? Someone suggested I did that to another when I did a binding on someone, hmmn, upon consultation with the Goetics, you know what? Do you know what? The whole series of events leading up to me binding him were as a result of him binding me to him who knows when.

All I have done is strengthened the bond and ‘upgraded’ the communication mechanism from cocoa tins and string to 3G.

Do not waste a single particle/wave of precious energy on someone who tells you that you are doing something wrong and how would it be if they did… We are flawed energy beings but the thing which we can send to another is emotion - you have to choose what that/those emotion(s) is/are.

Freewill? Only so far - we work in an energy field, and seriously time isn’t even part of the equation - you keep working until it happens.


Well, fwiw I think you deserve her and he doesn’t, so that’s my take on it. :+1:

I don’t have any bright ideas but did you check this thread out?

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I have one spell going atm, I feel like I am able to keep my distance from it, I think of it every so often but not obsessing about it. Only did it yesterday so will see how it works.

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@HermesHorse too Just wanted to ask your advice. As part of the spell I buried something and I am getting a gradually stronger vibe from it. It was quite weak to begin with but now when I get near the place it’s like a tingling all over and I am starting to feel it further away. Your thoughts?