Free tarot readings - I want to try out my new tarot deck - 5 people at a time 5/5 - (Closed)

Hi there for a limited time and five people at a time I’ll give one reading for each person about whatever they want to know. This is to help me deepen my connection with my new deck and for you to receive the answers you likely want to know. You say for example: I want in - alogn with: I want to know about…

After I hav recieved a total of 5 people signing up for this I’ll ask @Lady_Eva to close this thread temporarily until I feel it’s time to open it again.

So without any further ado, any takers?


Hola take I shall


Hey there and take away! So what do you want to know and do you want your reading to be public or private? :wink:

I’ll take one!

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can I have one please?

Could you do a reading about my relationship with the infernal empire and (especially Belial) and it can be public :slight_smile: Thank you very much!

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Of course.

So far three people have signed up, any others?

I want a reading please

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Of course, what do you want to know about? And do you want to be public or private (PM:ed).


Cool Private or public reading and what do you want to know?

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Private and I’ll pm you!

Is there still room for one more? If so I’d like one please :slight_smile:

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I think i might be too late to take the last spot? :frowning:

Private and I’m not sure quite yet I’ll let you know.

if I’m not too late, I’d like one. :slight_smile:

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Lol I would love one. Hope I ain’t late lol

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It is room for one more and that was for you.

However @X-Smk-X , @DarkestKnight and @rpont340, you’ll be next after these first five. If that’s ok?


yep no worries thx a bunch

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