Free tarot reading

I would like to practice my readings so I am offering a general reading for the first 2 people.

@Lady_Eva It’s ok now right ? Don’t want to break any rules haha :sweat_smile:


may i ?

I’d like one!

Sure you two then ^^

any info that you need ?

Your real names and gender if possible. So that I can connect to you faster

cek your pm for my info … but you can post the result here

thank you in advance cheer

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I would like one please

Sent info.

I’d like one if you’re still doing this

i would like to receive one, if possible?


Ok so right now you’re in a situation where you have to part ways or cut someone out of your life in order to gain security. You should not think too much about it e.g. analyse everything and also not get yourself too much involved with your feelings even though you feel dissatisfied or even envious… don’t let your emotions get too strong.
There will come (many) messages in the near future that will be good if you stay relaxed. They also can be bad in your opinion (for the moment) but seeing the cards for the future they are good messages. You will find answers for disagreements you have with others and you can let go of all problems.

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Will I be able to get a free reading? If you have enough time that is thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry guys at the moment just two people but I will reply if I do more!

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You want to archieve something big but something stands in your way (maybe a disease or lazyness?) you are also too calm/appreciative with your current siutation to get yourself up and do more. You shouldn’t focus too much about relationships or your luck with women because that will darken your feelings of joy/pureness (also don’t focus on that too much either)…
You still need someone/something to support you when you recieve a message that will cause you distress. In the future you will learn from that experience and it will lead you to a more secure and happy life.

Maybe it will teach you to start improving your life before it gets hard? :grin:

@deathduo @thestrangescientist

Please answer if it’s accurate or not

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Dang that looks accurate and would you be open to doing another if that sounds cool?

Always late to these things man

Let me know if you need more practice :slight_smile:

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Hello, I would like a reading too, of course if you are still doing it and if possible.