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Uhh shit I misread Furcas… but…… nonetheless it still applies.

Thank you for your quick response! I appreciate your time.

The demon is Furcas, #50 while Forcalor is #41 in DOM. I assume that no matter the demon, the information is the same.

Great! thank you.

Thank you very much for the reading you were pretty right on for the most part and have given me reason to consider things that I may have put to rest but give them another look over. If at anytime I can be of service to you just call on me and if I can I will help where at all possible again thank you for the reading it was very good and almost dead on…

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Is it open? (If it is I would like one)

It is…What is the question…?

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General love life.

@Lucy144 Thank you so very much for the reading. I really like your style! The tone and pitch are pretty much spot on. The central theme of impatience is one that has shadowed me for quite some time over a particular issue. It’s quite poignant that you picked up on that energy too.

Lots to ponder.

Many thanks and my best wishes to you for your practice.

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May I have one please? :slight_smile:

Whats the question?

May I have a reading please?

Will I change my job soon?

Hii, are you still offering or are you closed?

I still offer. But I am busy, and the next readings will be in 5 hours or so, or tomorrow

I sure would like to have one. If you agree, msg me and I will provide the question I can ask the cards. Thank you a million times.

I would like one if okay! :partying_face:

This is CLOSED for now…

You got the last free spot

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Thank you! I will PM

Whats your question?